Promotional Ugly Sweater Christmas OrnamentsUgly Christmas sweaters have always been ugly, at least that is the opinion of most younger generations who used to scoff at our “older” family members who wore the hideous holiday apparel. But ugly is the point, right? Maybe not originally, but for the new wave of ugly sweaters, that’s entirely the point. To some people, the ugly sweaters bestow a nostalgic feeling from a past Christmases with loved ones. To others, they are simply a fun addition to a party.

With the comeback of vintage apparel and vintage “everything,” ugly sweater sales have skyrocketed due to the popularity of ugly sweater Christmas parties. These holiday parties are common among churches, non-profit organizations, companies, and friends. Friends and coworkers alike love to see each other wearing ridiculous attire. Of course, plenty of social proof from these parties is posted online.

In the same fun spirit as ugly sweater parties and contests, the surge of custom ugly sweater Christmas ornaments have risen. These ugly sweater ornaments will make the perfect giveaways for your ugly sweater parties this holiday season. They will certainly be a great conversation piece due to their uniqueness compared to the wide variety of other Christmas ornaments hanging on a typical Christmas tree.

For giveaways for this year’s party, opt for these fun ugly sweater ornaments!

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