Use Custom Stuffed Animals To Promote Your Brand

Did you know that more than 50 percent of people have a favorable impression of a brand or company after receiving a promotional item? Additionally, 58 percent of consumers will retain a promotional giveaway item for one to four years after they receive it. Promotional stuffed animals are extremely effective. 

If you are in charge of promoting your brand or business, you know the typical pen or coffee cup isn’t very exciting. Now is the time to think outside the box.

A great option that you may not have thought of before is to invest in a branded, custom stuffed animal.

If you have a bit of extra cash, or if you want something more exciting, stuffed animals make exceptional promotional items that appeal to virtually everyone.

The Impact Of Promotional Stuffed Animals

 Do you remember the 2015 Super Bowl commercial that featured he lost puppy? This was just one of the many Budweiser commercial series that detailed the friendship between a yellow lab puppy and Clydesdale?

There’s a clear reason these commercials were so successful – when advertising is effective, it creates some type of emotion.

Even though there has been a lot of success related to various TV ads, promotional gifts are still the most popular types of advertising for modern consumers.

There are several reasons that promotional products, such as stuffed animals, are so effective. Specific reasons this is true include:

Recipients Feel As Though They Are Getting A Gift

There’s a psychology behind giving a gift. This action provides psychological benefits because it is a universal way to show gratitude, appreciation, and gratitude.

When your company gifts away a high-quality promotional item, you are inspiring happiness in both prospects and customers. This is all thanks to the psychology of gift-giving.

Also, this is going to create a professional bond that lasts.

Thoughtful Items Create On-Going Happiness

Promotional items (especially stuffed animals) aren’t a one-time gift. They continue making an impression long after they have been given away.

Also, you have a marketing team that utilizes the services of a brand specialist that takes time to plan a thoughtful product, it will continue making those who receive it happy in the future.

Promotional Stuffed Animals Bring A Human Connection To Advertising

Modern promotional products are so successful because they add humanization to advertising. Gift giving and appealing to someone’s emotions is a great way to show gratitude. Promotional stuffed animals help convey that emotion, and more.

The Main Reasons To Choose Custom Stuffed Animals For Promotional Purposes

If you aren’t convinced that stuffed animals are the right giveaway or promotional item for your business, keep reading. Here you can learn about some of the most significant benefits they offer.

High Retention Rate

If you make a plush bear, cat, dog, or any other animal a promotional item given to customers or employees, you can feel confident they won’t be ignored. There’s a good chance your customers are going to cherish them.

Even if you gift the stuffed animal to the grumpiest man in the world, they won’t just toss it away. Instead, there’s a good chance he will pass it on to his children and/or grandchildren or even a kid who lives next door.

The durability and sweet features of stuffed animals make it a gift people will enjoy and see for many years to come. There is no chance it will be used up, like pens, or broken, like a coffee cup. With this, your brand impressions and customer loyalty will continue to grow.

A Budget-Friendly Option

Many promotional product makers will allow you to order an entire batch of branded stuffed animals based on the marketing budget you have. With this, you can maximize your chances to promote your business and to stay on top of your finances.

By purchasing custom stuffed toys, in bulk, you can feel confident you will receive affordable prices. However, don’t just select a supplier because they offer the lowest prices. Be sure to put in the time and effort to ensure you get the quality products promised.

You can feel confident you will get the durability and quality promotional stuffed toys you need for an affordable price if you talk to a sales representative. Make sure to let them know precisely what you need.

Show Off Your Brand’s “Fun Side”

While you need to project a professional and credible image of your company to customers, in some situations, it’s smart to show them the fun side of your company, too.

When you show off how your brand is fun, it will help potential customers relate to you. A great way to do this effectively is by giving out branded stuffed animals.

While there isn’t anything wrong with handing out typical promotional items, such as keychains, pens, and mugs, it’s important to remember that these items seem a bit formal. On the other hand, stuffed animals are fluffy and cute, which makes the recipient feel happy.

Ability To Adapt To Any Event

The right promotional stuffed animal that has been branded clearly are great giveaways for virtually any marketing situation. As mentioned before, they are great for both charity events and fundraisers.

When you work with the professionals to design the perfect plush for your business, you’ll find the end product is a huge hit. If you are promoting your college or university to high school-aged children, you’ll find out that stuffed toys that don your school colors are highly effective.

Logo- And Brand-Friendly

It’s easy to integrate your company logo or branding into your promotional stuffed animals. If your brand uses an animal as a mascot, this is a pretty straightforward process. However, even if there is no animal element, you can still have your stuffed animal toys match your color scheme and brand.

You can choose to have the color of the fur match the palette of your brand. You can also adorn these soft toys with various accessories that have your brand name or logo printed on them.

Some of the accessories you can print your logo on to add to your plush include:

  • Tags
  • Shirts
  • Bows and sashes
  • Bandanas

This gives you unlimited options to choose from when it comes to using plush for marketing your brand.

Options for Custom Stuffed Animals

Do you want a German Shepherd with a blue sweater and red lettering? Or, do you prefer a chicken wearing a tangerine bandana with purple lettering? Any feature and look you are dreaming of can be created.

You can choose the type of stuffed animal, accessory colors, and the imprint colors you want. You can even choose to have the stuffed animal turned into a key chain or magnet, making it an even more appealing option.

All these options make matching a stuffed animal to your brand and what it offers easy. All you must do is to choose your brand, business, or even school colors for the shirt, along with the imprint colors, and then add your logo to it. At this point, you’ll have a custom stuffed animal that your customers will be excited to receive.

Extremely Popular For Use At Fundraisers  

If you are searching for an effective promotional item to help raise money for a cause, stuffed animals are a great option. When someone is at a fundraiser, they usually want to receive some type of tangible item in exchange for their donation.

Stuffed animals are also great for school fundraisers. With promotional stuffed animals, you can apply your logo or brand and sell them at the bookstore.

How To Add Your Brand Presence To A Plush Toy

Now that you understand the appeal of promotional items and the benefits they offer, it’s time to learn how to use these plush friends as a way to promote your brand.

If you want to make the most of your efforts and investment, be sure to use these tips and recommendations.

Options For Personalization

Stuffed animals feature a generous area to imprint your logo, message, or any other information. All this is possible on a brightly colored backdrop, which is going to give you plenty of room for creativity.

You can even bring your company mascot to life with these plush toys and get your logo and brand name into the homes, offices, and hearts of those who receive them. What’s even better, this is a non-intrusive and fun item.

You can achieve a double impact if you outfit your toy in some type of logo apparel, such as a t-shirt. With this, you can share your brand with your customers and engage them in a light-hearted conversation with your brand.

Develop The Emotional Connection

Plush toys not only help to make a sale, but they make a tangible connection with your audience while fostering relations. These cute and cuddly stuffed animals provide a friendly and gentle façade for your business and brand.

One Of A Kind Gift

Stuffed animals aren’t something people regularly get as a free gift. This isn’t like other promotional items such as pens and mugs.

These unique gift items will impress your customers and leave a statement. If you are looking for something that will help you stand out and that’s somewhat quirky, then all you need is plush toys.

Employing Custom Plush Toys To Build Your Brand

There are several methods you can use to begin using stuffed animals as part of your branding strategy. These include:

Create Your Mascot

You can turn a plush toy into a mascot with ease. These can be used for schools, charity events, sports leagues, and more.

Gift Items

In some situations, free gifts are crucial in converting a lead into a customer who converts. Conveying the message your customers are appreciated by handing out these gifts is a great idea. Some businesses, such as law firms, banks, and insurance companies, can provide a warm and friendly gift, such as a stuffed toy.

Employee Gifts

Everyone loves a comforting toy to settle the anxiety that may occur on their first day at a new job. Employees are a company’s biggest asset, and these custom toys will help them feel appreciated and like they are part of the team – even if they are just starting.

A stuffed animal is a great gift to make new recruits feel at home. They also make great gifts for individuals celebrating anniversaries with the company, retirement, and other milestones.

Care Packages

Provide a healing touch and comforting feel with your local care packages that will bring a smile to military families, sick kids, displaced individuals, and more. If you like the idea of care packages, there’s nothing better than adding a logo plush toy to it.        

Using A Custom Stuffed Animal To Advertise And Promote Your Brand

Are you searching for a unique and effective way to promote your brand? If so, there’s no question that a custom stuffed animal is a great option.

As you can see from the information found here, it has a universal appeal and can be used in virtually any industry and for any brand. What’s even better is that this promotional item is one of the most affordable you can customize and use today.

If you are ready to get started with your own custom stuffed animal that features your brand or logo, contact us. Our team will help you create a product that ensures you get the results desired. You’ll also find that your cute and cuddly promotional item provides a huge ROI with your customer base.

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