6 Ways to Use Promotional Lip Balm

Promotional lip balm

Promotional lip balm is one of the most versatile items on the market. Branded lip balm offers reach so many target markets and can be a great item to hand out in many different settings. Some of our favorite ways to distribute promotional lip balm are:

At an Expo or Trade Show 

Expos and trade shows often involve random giveaways and items that aren’t useful until you’re back to the office. Be the exception to that trend with promotional lip balm. Your target market can immediately find value in this useful item. Since they will immediately begin using the item, it creates an experiential memory for your customers that will stand out in their minds. It also makes you a particularly memorable booth at a large event where it’s hard to stand out. 

At a Networking Event 

We all know the feeling of being halfway through an event and needing lip balm and a mint. Offering friends and new connections mints may not go over well, but a branded lip balm is always a kind thing to hand them in place of a business card. Print your number, website and email on the item & it serves as a business card people can keep for months. 

At Checkout or Front Counters 

Everyone has brochures, menus, or business cards at the counter but those things don’t add value to the customer. More often than not they get trashed or recycled. Instead, have your information available on useful items like lip balm to encourage customers to actually use the items. 

In Goodie Baskets and Bags 

Are you preparing for a company gathering or event? Do you have a party coming up that requires favor bags? If so, promotional lip balms are a great bag filler or stocking stuffer. The affordable price makes this useful item perfect for favors and goodies. 

Increase Engagement With Promotional Lip Balm

At a speaking engagement, you always need an easy-to-toss reward for answering questions. Promotional lip balms are the perfect giveaway item for all functions, but they’re particularly easy to toss. They are also useful for all target markets making the reach of these items even greater. Make it even easier by picking a ball-like, round lip balm.

Reselling Promotional Lip Balm 

Being based in Florida, we know all too well the need for applying sunblock regularly. We also know all too well the likelihood that tourists forget their lip SPF. Reselling lip balm with SPF to those who make have forgotten it is a great way to make a small profit and encourage impulse purchases at pop-ups or counter purchases. 

To make selling your lip balm easier, pick a lip balm that is unique and adds a particular special value to customers. For instance, this lip balm with a carabiner clip is a great option to stock regularly. Or offer a special package like this sunscreen and lip balm set. 

Promotional lip balm can be used at almost any time and are particularly useful for increasing brand awareness. No matter how you get it into end user hands, it’s sure to be a product they keep and use for years to come. 

Need help designing your promotional lip balm? Contact our team today at cs@perfectimprints.com to get assistance & expert advice. 

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