It’s been nearly three months since the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, and while the effects have had different impacts on each of us, the one thing it’s taught all of us is adaptability.  We have shifted nearly every aspect of our daily lives.  One of the most challenging shifts across our nation is the adjustment to working from home. Webcam covers can help ease some of that shift by giving you some home cyber-security.

If you weren’t familiar with platforms like Zoom pre-pandemic, you now have most likely made  Zoom your new best friend.  If FaceTime and other video chat channels made you uncomfortable before, you haven’t had much of a choice than to get comfortable and embrace the modern-day technology, just like ‘those dang millennials’ have been telling you to do for years. 

As we find ourselves navigating this new era, it’s no surprise that cyber-security is a hot topic of conversation.  With no real end in sight to the new normal of video calls replacing in-person meetings and virtual conferences subbing in for live networking events, it’s also no surprise that webcam covers have been a hot commodity in the retail space.  We can’t think of a better way to intentionally market your business than by getting digital.


Webcam hacking became a hot topic of conversation in 2016 when a photo of Mark Zuckerberg went viral.  It was not for the 500 million Instagram users he was celebrating in his social media post.  It was due to a tiny little piece of tape over the webcam on his laptop in the background.  As people everywhere started questioning the need to cover their webcams as a result, FBI Director James Comey publicly stated that he too covered his webcam when it wasn’t in use, and it was later stated that the FBI had found a way to use webcams as a source of surveillance, and had been doing so since 2013.

If you’re anything like us, you may not have put much thought into covering your webcam.  Even after the buzz surrounding Zuckerberg’s advice, not everyone tapes or covers their webcam.  Historically, cyber-crime happens by targeting networks via the internet in a number of ways, so while we’re constantly changing our online passwords to avoid falling victim to the next cyber-scare, worrying about a tiny little webcam on our laptop that’s ‘not even turned on’ just wasn’t on the radar for most. 

After doing our homework to determine if there is value in webcam covers as a promotional product.  We decided  Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey were onto something. 


  • Globally there are over 15,000 webcams, that can be hacked at any given time
  • Webcams can be hacked while your computer is ‘hibernating’ or in sleep mode
  • Many of us don’t have the security checks and firewalls that have at work
  • Now that we’re working from home, we are making our cyber-security more vulnerable
  • Usually for financial gain, hackers use webcams spy on their victims but some collect private photos and videos
  • Hackers can access your webcam by disabling the on light when they’re active

Whether a give-away items for your next event or a simple yet powerful thank-you item for your clients still working from home, the product you choose to brand your business is a direct reflection of your overall message.  Branded webcam covers ensure you stay top of mind by being front and center of each recipients’ view.  The fact that you thought about their cyber-safety is something they won’t forget.  We have a variety of brand-able webcam covers located here.


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