What Are Thunder Sticks And What Are They For?

If you recently watched a basketball or football game, you know how much the crowd loves to cheer and capture their team’s attention. You may have also seen and heard these quirky-looking noise-makers in the crowd. These fun items are thundersticks (or thunder sticks).

Whether it’s a college, professional, or high school sports game, people love to show their support for their team. Fans may show their support in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from branded apparel to foam fingers and noise-makers. But thunder sticks are some of the loudest and best branded sports products.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, you’re not alone. While they’re growing in popularity, many people still don’t know what they are.

Thundersticks may be popular at sporting events, but they can also benefit businesses, charities, and more! Many schools, sports teams, and businesses don’t know what thundersticks are and the many benefits they can bring.

Do you think your sports team, business, or yourself may have a use for thunder sticks? Here’s everything you need to know from what they are to how to use them.

What are Thundersticks

Thundersticks have several names  such as “thunderstix,” “bam bams,” and “boomsticks.” Regardless of what people may call them, they’re all the same products. Thunder sticks consist of 2 inflatable tube-shaped sticks of varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

Many of the sticks consist of vinyl or similarly strong material. When you whack the 2 sticks together you can make a loud cracking noise. A crowd filled with thunder sticks can make a loud statement.

Sports teams, businesses, and other event hosts can print their logos and brand directly on the inflatable sticks. They’re a creative and fun way to market your brand or team. The more interesting and unique your branding, the more likely someone will keep and reuse their thundersticks in the future.

Thunder Sticks’ Design

The overall designs of thunder sticks are relatively similar. Here are 3 main styles we offer that are sure to excite your fans.

Reusable Thunder Sticks

Reusable thunder sticks, such as our Inflatable Fan-ta-Sticks Noisemakers are similar to inflatable pool toys and floats. These sticks have an inflation valve to inflate and deflate the sticks over and over again. They’re made from a strong vinyl PVC material that is longer-lasting than other plastic-based materials.

Reusable sticks tend to cost a little more since they consist of more durable materials. However, investing in reusable sticks is environmentally friendly and boosts brand or team awareness. The vinyl material also gives these sticks a lower-pitched sound.

Reusable thundersticks come pre-made which reduces the turn-around time for printing compared to non-reusable thunder sticks. The main drawback of the reusable option is you can’t print your logo and branding on the entire stick. Since they come pre-made, the print area is a little smaller.

Non-Reusable Thunder Sticks

The non-reusable option doesn’t come with a valve to inflate or deflate. They appear similar to a mylar balloon and require more work to inflate than the reusable option.

These sticks use 100% recycled polyethylene which is thinner and more rigid material than PVC vinyl. This material gives the stick a higher-pitched sound that’s just as loud as the reusable sticks.

The pros to this option are you can print your logo and branding on the entire area. There are almost no limits to where and what you can print on them and you don’t have to worry about leaving white edges.

However, the turnaround time is slightly longer since they undergo printing before manufacturing. The wait time can vary depending on your design and how much you’re willing to pay for an expedited order.

The bam bams are more affordable than the reusable sticks. If you opt for the longer turnaround time, you can save even more money than the reusable option.

For those needing bam bams branded with a popular sports team, check out the Custom Colored ThunderStix. You can add any popular team logo, mascot, and colors and they’ll be ready for shipping very quickly. This option comes completely colored and is one of the most affordable sticks.

Wow People with Light-Up Thunder Sticks

Do you want to make a wow statement with your thundersticks? Add some high-tech pizzaz to your thunder sticks with our Light-Up BamBams Noisemakers.

What sets these sticks apart from the rest is the LED light inside. When you hit the sticks together, they’ll light up and glow for around 6 hours. The bulbs can last up to 8 months allowing you to reuse them as needed.

Just like the options above, you can customize these with any colors, logos, or branding you’d like. They’re just as loud and satisfying as the thundersticks described above.

Whatever option you choose, your thunder sticks will make a lasting impression during your next big event. You can mix-and-match different styles for different events or stick to your favorite. You and your fans will add some life to your next event and have a blast with your custom thunder sticks.

Where Thunder Sticks Came From

Compared to foam fingers, pompoms, and clothing, thunder sticks are a relatively new promotional item. They first made an appearance in 1994 at a baseball game in South Korea under the name “makdae pungseon.”

It wasn’t until the 2002 World Series that they began to show up in North America. Fans of Los Angeles’ Anaheim Angels were the first group of people to use thundersticks in the United States.

Today, you can see thousands of sports fans around the world using thunder sticks to show their support. And not just for baseball either. Football, soccer, and basketball games have become popular sports events where people can show their love for their team with thundersticks.

Where to Use Thunder Sticks

Without a doubt, thunder sticks are most popular in the sports industry. But did you know you can use them for concerts, festivals, businesses, and more? Learn how thundersticks can fit your needs!

Sporting Events

Sports fans love showing their support for their team by making noise and wearing their team’s colors. As mentioned above, thunder sticks and bam bams make plenty of loud noises to boost the crowd’s energy and support.

After a sporting event, fans can save reusable thunder sticks for the next big game. Non-reusable sticks can also make great mementos and collectibles for fans.

Concerts & Festivals

Is your rock or hip-hop band playing at a large venue any time soon? Branding thundersticks are a great way to spread the word about your band. Your audience can jam out with you or hit their sticks to the beat of your music.

Charity Events

Are you hosting a charity event any time soon? Whether it be a fun run, parade, or something else just as exciting, you can use thunder ticks to spread awareness.

Customize your sticks with your charity or event name and logo and hand them out to participants and volunteers. They’ll get excited while promoting awareness for your charity.

Promotional Items

Bam bams and thundersticks are perfect for corporate and political events and promotions. You can customize your sticks to share your brand, name, or slogan. If you’re a business or political candidate, spread your name and brand using thunder sticks as a promotional freebie.


When people rally together for a cause, they want to make a lot of noise and have others hear them, right? Thunder sticks are a great way to make a lot of noise for whatever cause you are rallying for.

Fundraising for School Sports & More

Do you need to raise money for your school sports team or booster club? Selling thunder sticks is a great way to raise funds for your group. You can sell them at sporting events or your school’s bookstore.

They don’t cost much meaning you don’t have to invest much to design and purchase them. They’ll sell fast as fans see how much fun others are having with their bam bams.

Businesses Can Use Thunder Sticks

Are you looking to add some zest to your next marketing campaign? If you’re tired of giving away promotional stress balls and pens, you should give thunder sticks a try! Many businesses are using thunder sticks in their marketing campaigns.

Since thunder sticks are so customizable, it’s easy to add your logo, branding, and colors to the sticks. By working with a reputable promotional products company, you can invest in high-quality sticks without spending a fortune. We have a design team on staff ready to help you with any design questions and ideas you have.

What’s better is your branded thundersticks can make an appearance at any number of sporting events, concerts, and more outside of your business. People will be making a loud statement with your brand that others can’t miss. Get your brand and business out there by incorporating thunder sticks in your next marketing campaign.

Why Do We Love Thunder Sticks?

People love thunder sticks. Anytime you see someone at a sporting event or concert, they almost always have a huge smile on their face. But why do we love these noise-makers so much?

While there are several reasons why people love them, the most popular is the loud noise they make. You can yell, clap, and shout during exciting events but only a few people around you will hear it. Not to mention the sore throat and tired hands you’ll have after the event.

With thunder sticks, you can make as much noise as you want and more people will hear it. Fill an arena or stadium with thundersticks and the sound is amazing. Everyone will get caught up in excitement and enthusiasm.

Despite the loud noise, thunder sticks and bam bams are soft and light. Everyone from young children to adults can use them with ease. Their lightweight and softness prevent you and others from getting hurt.

What Else Can You Do With Thunder Sticks?

Besides bringing exciting energy to an event, you can use your thunder sticks for more than just events and promotional materials. Use them at home when watching sports matches on T.V. or while hosting a party.

At some point, your bam bams or thunder sticks will run out of air and go flat. What can you do with them at this point?

Some people like to hold onto them as a keepsake for a major game they attended. You can even hang them up in your home or college dorm.

All of our bam bams are 100% recyclable. If you don’t want to hold onto them as a memento or collectible, you can recycle them.

How Much do ThunderSticks Cost?

Now that you know what thundersticks are, your options, and what they can do, the next big question is how much can do they cost? When you’re using them as promotional items and freebies, you probably have a set budget you don’t want to go over. We get that.

Fortunately, thunder sticks are a great option for those with a budget but still want to make a statement with their promotional and team items. Compared to most other promotional items, thunder sticks are very affordable.

Buying your thunder sticks in bulk with the same design is the best way to same money. Our BamBams Noisemakers cost as little as $0.33 per stick while our Light-Up BamBams Noisemakers cost as little as  $1.10 per stick.

Our wide selection of reusable thunder sticks starts at $1.07 per stick. Since these are reusable, your school, team, or company may save money over time as you won’t need to regularly buy new thundersticks.

Order Your Thunder Sticks Today!

Do you want to excite fans at your next game or concert? Do you want your supporters to have a blast while supporting your charity event or rally? All while supporting your brand and team?

Thunder sticks make the perfect promotional item for any event, sport, or marketing campaign. They’re fun, exciting and people love cheering with them. Whatever you’re promoting next, promote it with thundersticks.

Want to learn more? Let’s get in touch. We’ll help you find the perfect thunder sticks for your next big event!

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