What Type of Custom Cooler Fits Your Business Style?

When the sun is out and everyone’s having a good time outdoors, you might want to make sure that any personalized items you give away match the ambiance of the season. To that end, the range of customized beach products at Perfect Imprints can help you make sure you have the best giveaways and swag for the weather. Chief among them are the custom coolers that come in a wide variety. Here, we’re going to look at some of the types of custom coolers you can get, and what makes each one distinct and worth it.

What Do They Do?

The coolers listed below are designed to help the user keep beverages and foods cool, especially when the weather is nice and hot out. Each example named here is entirely customizable as well, so you can put your branding on them for the sake of giveaways, convention merch, and the like.

Ice Bucket

The ice bucket is a classic and sure to appear at all black tie events that your team might run. The large metallic buckets are designed to hold ice and keep drinks cold. The number of bottles that can be stored inside varies on bucket size. They come in sizes like the 5 Quart Galvanized Metal Bucket, as well as 2-quart, 8-quart, 10-quart, and even up to 68-quart options. They’re great for holding multiple bottles (especially the larger options) and for keeping ice solid and cold for a long time. However, they’re more suited for indoor events and short-term cooling needs.

Lunch Cooler

When you have a nice fresh lunch, you want to make sure that it stays fresh and safe to eat throughout the day. You don’t always have access to a fridge, but one of the customized lunch coolers like this Insulated Lunch Bag can make sure you’re still able to eat a cool, fresh lunch. Due to the insulation that keeps chilled items chill, they’re safer and healthier than letting your lunch sit around and are more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives. However, most coolers tend to be just big enough to hold an individual’s lunch, so they’re not as well suited for family trips. If you are searching for a larger cooler selection, keep reading!


As the name implies, these are the kind of coolers that have softer sides, usually some form of strong and insulated fabric. Options like the Ice River Pro Cooler are perfect for everyday use, such as taking them to the gym, to work with you, or on your fishing trips. The soft-sided custom coolers are lighter and easier to transport; however, they don’t retain ice and cold quite as well as their harder-shelled cousins.


The harder type of cooler, products like the Toolbox Cooler have some of the best ice and cold retention out of any type of cooler. As such, they’re much better for taking out for long days on the beach, keeping out in the BBQ space in the yard, or anywhere else where you need to keep things chilled for hours on end. They come in a variety of sizes, but they’re typically going to be heavier and a little harder to store than their soft-sided equivalents simply because most of them don’t come with any kind of collapsible design.

Speaker Cooler

You can make sure that your outdoor events bring a party vibe with these speaker coolers. Options like the Diamond Cooler Bag are usually soft-sided coolers that have a wireless speaker built into that you can connect to using Bluetooth, while others use a CD player. The advantages should be obvious: you can listen to music while you enjoy some chilled food and drink. They tend to be a little heavier due to the inclusion of speakers and sometimes the sound systems can take up some of the space that would otherwise be used to store more food and drink.

Water Cooler

Water coolers are soft-sided cooler bags that are designed to mostly carry liquids. As such, they typically have water-resistant properties to make sure that nothing leaks inside or outside. Like most soft-sided coolers, options like the Cooler Water-Resistant Dry Bag are lighter than hard-sided coolers. They’re also easier to transport and store. However, much like soft-sided coolers, they tend not to retain ice and cold quite as long as the harder options. As such, they’re usually better designed for everyday use and short trips out, rather than full-day or multi-day camping and beach excursions.

Can Coolers

Also known as koozies, beer huggers, and bottle jackets, these are coolers that are designed to help cold drinks stay cold. All you need to do is slip a can or a bottle into the cooler and its insulating design will do the rest. It also has the added benefit of preventing you from freezing your hand while you’re holding your drink. They’re hugely convenient and everyone could find space to keep a few of these in their home. Their only downside, if they could be said to have them, is that they’re fairly limited in their use. They can only cool one drink at a time, but that goes hand in hand with their design, anyway.

Multiple Can Coolers

These are soft-sided coolers that are pretty much designed on how many cans they’re able to fit. They work like any regular cooler. It’s just that products like an Explorer 6 Pack Cooler will typically carry six cans and no more. There are also 12-can and 16+ can options. They enjoy all the benefits of lightweight soft-sided coolers, as well as the fact that they’re very clear in how much you carry with them. Hard-sided varieties do tend to bring better insulation and cooling properties in the long term, of course.

Get Your Custom Coolers Today

If any of the custom coolers above apply to you, or you want to check out other customized beach products, take a look at the lineup at www.Perfectimprints.com— where every promotional product is perfectly customizable. Here at Perfect Imprints, we can display any logo, text, or details you might want.

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