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When It Rains, It Pours: That’s What Promotional Umbrellas Are For

256 inches of rainfall is collected annually in North America. That’s 256 reasons to always have a reliable umbrella nearby.

Umbrellas have been in use since the middle of the 18th century. Prior to that, they were viewed as a women’s fashion accessory.

And their design has changed little since ancient Greek and Roman times. And when you put your business name and logo on them, they become instant billboards for your company.

If you’re looking for the perfect promotional product umbrellas are a great choice. And if you’re wondering if promotional umbrellas are worth the investment, keep reading to learn why the answer is an enthusiastic “YES”.

The Symbolism of Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are such popular items that the city of Shangyu in China has over a thousand umbrella factories. Over the centuries, umbrellas have many uses such as:

  • Used in religious ceremonies and processions
  • Fashion accessories
  • Protects against sun and rain
  • Used as a defensive and offensive weapon

Symbols of Wealth and Power

Umbrellas have even been used as symbols of wealth and power. For the first thousand years humans used umbrellas, civilizations made exotic and complex parasols of their rulers.

Today the promotional umbrella is the perfect way to symbolize the strength and power of your company.

Gain Greater Exposure for Your Business

Most people tend to purchase black umbrellas. When it rains out, it’s hard to distinguish one person from another.

But when you have a promotional umbrella, that logo sticks out from a sea of boring. And your logo tends to stick into the brains of those who are using and seeing that umbrella.

And unlike a business card, a promotional umbrella won’t end up in the back of a drawer forgotten. One study shows that 63% of Americans will give away a promotional product once they’ve finished using them.

People Keep Promotional Products They Like

Over 50% of consumers keep their promotional products for an average of one to four years. 83% even like the fact that they received a gift with a promotional message rather than being bombarded with an ad.

That’s because ads feel like selling to a consumer. A promotional product is both a gentle and useful reminder.

Good Quality Means Higher Impression Numbers

Most people keep a good quality promotional umbrella for well over two years. That’s a lot of time for your business to gain a lot of exposure.

Promotional umbrellas generate about 1,100 impressions. That means for each umbrella you give away as a promotional item, it costs you less than one penny per impression.

Can Get Creative With Umbrellas

You don’t have to stick with one type of umbrella. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from.

Blue, red, and yellow umbrellas stick out from a sea of traditional black umbrellas. And you also have options when it comes to the style of the umbrella.

Typical styles are:

  • Golf
  • Patio
  • Totes brand
  • Windproof
  • Auto-open
  • Folding
  • Patio

Each one is designed for a different purpose. If you’re catering to a specific target market, you can choose the exact style of umbrella they’re most likely to use.

Build Brand Loyalty

It costs more to find a new customer than it does to retain the ones you already have. By building brand loyalty through the use of promotional umbrellas you help ensure your customers commit to doing business with your company.

Brand loyalty is a key factor when it comes to customer retention. Brand loyalty also means higher sales and the ability to price your products and/or service at a premium.

Solving Customer’s Problems

Another way you’re building brand loyalty is by resolving a problem your customer is going to experience. Sooner or later, it will rain and your customers will need your umbrella.

Customers are already wearing clothing but it’s not unusual for them to get caught unawares without an umbrella. Imagine how happy and relieved they’ll be when you conveniently hand them a promotional umbrella as they leave your store or an event.

In the future, these customers have a great reminder of the value of your brand. This automatically encourages them to make another purchase with you in the future.

Promotional Items are Cost Effective

While PPC (price-per-click) marketing is effective, your company pays each time a business clicks on your promotional link. While you can cap your daily spending to stay in line with your budget, that also means your business isn’t as visible.

With umbrella promotional items, you may spend anywhere from $6 to over $100 per umbrella, but it’s a one-time expense. After you’ve given away or even sold that promotional item to a customer, that’s where the real rewards start building up for your company.

Free Impressions

Not only will your customer keep seeing your advertising, but so does everyone else. Imagine a customer walking down the street on a rainy day with your company’s name and logo brightly lit up on a dreary day.

That could mean hundreds of impressions for your company. And they’re all free.

Ideal for Any Business

Any business can benefit from handing out promotional umbrellas. If you own a hair salon, you’re helping your customers protect their hair.

If it’s a sunny day, you can hand them out to customers to protect their recent dye job. On a rainy day, you’re protecting the beautiful blow out you just spent time giving them.

Not only will you be promoting the great hairstyles your talented stylists provide to your customers, but now everyone knows exactly where they get their hair done.

Large Corporations

Large corporations such as Crest benefit greatly from handing out promotional golf umbrellas at trade shows. Suddenly every dentist is promoting your brand all around their city or town.

Also, at most trade shows, every company is handing out swag. You want to make sure you’re handing out quality swag that people actually want to use and continue using long after the trade show has ended.

Their patients won’t notice a cup cozy that begins to fall apart in a few months but they will surely notice their dentist showcasing which dental care company they most recommend. Especially since quality umbrellas last for a longer period of time.

Swag for Employees

Even if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to hand out umbrellas like you’re Oprah Winfrey, you can give them out as a “thank you” to your employees. And you have good reason to show them appreciation.

81% of employees want to work harder when their boss shows them appreciation. Only 38% work harder for a demanding boss and even fewer work harder because they fear being fired.

Cost Effective Show of Appreciation

One easy and cost-effective way to show that appreciation is to hand out a quality promotional umbrella to your employee of the month. You can also hand them out to employees as a retirement gift or as a way to welcome a new employee to your business.

Giving employees a quality promotional item is a win-win situation. Not only do your employees feel appreciated and seen but when they use your gift outside of the office, they’re acting as brand ambassadors for your company.

Give Away, Get Something Back

When a friend does something generous like treating you to dinner, you feel gratitude and appreciation. It’s also likely you immediately begin thinking of ways to pay him or her back for their kindness.

The same idea works when a business gives away something for free. Especially when it’s given away without the notion of it being an obligation.

Principle of Reciprocity

It’s a human instinct to want to give something back when we’re given something. It’s known as the principle of reciprocity.

While your customers and employees feel that you’re being generous, you’re also giving away something that very likely will encourage the recipient to think so highly of your company that they’re much more likely to want to pay you back for your generosity.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

If you create a promotional umbrella with an eye-catching design, people will take notice. That umbrella is much like a photo and it’s worth its weight in gold.

The imprinted umbrella is a way to convey information to your customer, especially if you’re promoting your outdoorsy brand. That umbrella tells existing and potential customers who you are and what you do.

It’s an opportunity to embed your image in the minds of consumers. Thanks to today’s printing capabilities, you have the ability to go far beyond just writing your name on an umbrella.

An Interactive Experience

Consumers are bombarded with marketing images almost everywhere they look. Televisions, computers, newspapers, and radios all constantly tell them what to buy.

But none of those experiences utilize more than one sense. An umbrella is a tangible object that a customer can touch, see, smell, hear, and taste (if they want to).

An imprinted product allows you to create an interaction with your customer long after they’ve left your store.

Umbrellas Can Be Used in an Environment Where Business Decisions are Made

If your target market is executives in corporations, they probably spend a fair amount of time at the golf course. It’s a place where they conduct a lot of business.

And when your logo is on a golf umbrella, it’s a great way to remind those executives to continue working with your company. Even if you’re not there in person to play a round of golf with them.

Cross Promotion With Other Companies

Umbrellas can also provide you with the opportunity to cross-promote with other companies. If you have a local BBQ restaurant down the road, offering to let them use your promotional patio umbrellas with your companies name and logo on them is a great idea.

This allows you to cross promote your business in a place where every single day those umbrellas are being used. Also, that BBQ business is quietly telling their customers that they know, like, and trust your brand.

Great Outdoors Month

Promotional umbrellas are perfect giveaways for Great Outdoors Month in June. Promote outdoor living by

Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

There are ways to use promotional items to boost your social media campaigns such as:

Announce a Flash Sale

Everyone loves a great deal and the quicker that deal goes away, the more likely people will want to take advantage of it. Announce on social media that you’re having a flash sale of your promotional umbrellas.

Put a 24-hour limit on that sale to increase excitement.


Use clever hashtags to help you generate a buzz around your business. Try using wordplay and puns.

Then use those hashtags consistently across all your social media platforms. You can use your custom-made umbrellas to promote that hashtag in your store or at any live events you attend.

Create a Contest

An easy way to generate social media buzz is to invite customers to post a photo of your company or any item(s) related to your company on your social media pages.

Then pick the winner who you feel promoted your company the best and send them an umbrella as a thank you.

Promote Your Business at Fundraisers

Consumers are now looking for the companies they do business with to give back. Whether it’s globally or locally, giving back is not only a good thing to do, it’s a wise business decision.

Partly because it’s not just consumers who want companies to give back, but their employees as well. Employees who work for companies that give back are 13 times more likely to enjoy coming to work.

Give Away Swag at Charity Events

Getting involved with fundraisers or other community events are the perfect place for your business to do a little promoting. In the summer, you can throw a fundraiser and give away smaller items such as towels.

However, you can use a large patio umbrella with your logo on it to ensure everyone, including any press that arrives know exactly which company is behind the good deed.

Get Your Swag Through Us

While promotional umbrellas are great to use as swag because there are a great variety of uses for umbrellas. They’re perfect at the beach, in the backyard, and on a rainy day.

It’s important to do some research to find out which type of umbrella works best for your marketing efforts. Click here to see which umbrellas are best for your company’s needs.

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