Which Mini Basketballs Do I Give Out At the Games?

At the same time that the college football enters the bowl game season, basketball season also begins to heat up. College basketball is a fast-paced sport with a constant stream of excitement. The energy level experienced at most college basketball arenas is unrivaled by any other sport, even football.

Over the course of a full season, basketball teams can draw a larger number of fans to it’s games than football teams, since their schedule includes so many games. That’s why it’s important to have plenty of basketball spirit items available at your game for both purchase and for giveaways.

Most Popular Mini Basketballs to Giveaway at Basketball Games

Vinyl Mini Basketballs

Vinyl Mini Basketballs

When it comes to mini basketballs, this is hands down the BIGGEST seller to throw out at basketball games. This is for all levels of basketball, including NBA, college, high school, and even middle school games.

The team or booster club commonly acquires local business sponsors to pay for the mini basketballs in return for having the sponsor logo printed on the balls. This provides great advertising exposure for the sponsor and allows the cheerleaders to throw these popular spirit items to the crowd during down times to keep the crowd hyped!

The great characteristic about vinyl mini basketballs is they are soft, so they can be thrown to the fans without fear of causing injury. Choose from many different colors to match your team color. These are also available with your logo printed in full color!

Basketball Spirit ItemsFoam Mini Basketballs

If you want mini basketballs to sell in your booster club store, foam is a great option. The price point per basketball is still low, allowing you to have plenty of markup to raise money for your team or organization. You can choose from a few different sizes in a traditional orange color as well as a 2-tone option with more colors from which to choose.

These mini basketballs can also be printed with a full color picture on them, such as a photo of the team, arena filled with fans, a slam dunk, scoreboard, or your team mascot. These make great keepsakes for fans to purchase and take home to commemorate their experience.

If your budget allows, you can also use these for giveaways, especially if your sponsor is willing to pay for the higher price for foam mini basketballs.

Rubber Mini BasketballsRubber Mini Basketballs

For reselling, rubber basketballs are much more realistic and they actually bounce like a full size basketball. Mini rubber basketballs are great mementos from a game day experience.

You can choose from a few different sizes with the most popular a 5″ or 7″. These not only make great souvenirs, but they also make great end of year gifts for the players. Additionally, many teams use these as “thank you” gifts for their top supporters. If you really want to go all out, instead of mini basketballs, you can opt for custom full size basketballs.

While you are planning, don’t forget about other great basketball spirit items such as thundersticks (BamBams), stadium seat cushions, and other great cheering items!

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