Why Coffee Related Promotional Products Make Great Giveaways

Coffee Promotional ItemsSometimes it seems the world is becoming increasingly less friendly. A few decades ago, there was nothing weird about speaking to complete strangers in the store; however, while some people are fine with the start of a random conversation, many react in an uncomfortable way. You can see the look on their face as their mind races to try to figure out what your intentions are in speaking to them.

I find this sad.

I find it disheartening that the world is becoming more fearful of conversation. Maybe it has to do with the increased use of social media and texting? Maybe it is simply from apprehension of speaking to strangers. After all, the “Don’t talk to strangers” mantra is drilled in the head of children.

These types of awkward engagements happen as I pass through the aisles of the grocery store or as I stroll through the mall. Some people (strangers) are chatty; many are very guarded. Am I talking to them because I’m looking for an opportunity to harm them or rob them? What’s the motive? Responses are often very limited, suspicious, and superficial.

Coffee Makes People Happy

However, while my wife & I were at Starbucks last weekend on our “mini-date,” we noticed a lady wearing a shirt with our Alma mater (Mississippi State University). So we commented on her shirt and it started a long conversation. It turns out that I used to work at a hospital about 20 years ago with her father, who still works there. We also found out she is from the same small (tiny) town where my Dad still lives. It was a very interesting conversation to see how we were all connected so closely as we sit in a coffee shop in a different state than 300 miles away from our hometowns.

As that conversation ended, a gentlemen there also spoke up saying he was also from Mississippi opening the door for an additional conversation.

Coffee seems to bring out the best in people. It breeds conversation. It relaxes the soul. That’s why coffee-related promotional items are great giveaways for your company. Connect your brand with something your customers love…coffee.

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