When we think of our fitness goals, often our first thought is to hop on a treadmill or lift some weights at the gym. That’s because we often associate these things with fitness and progress.

However, those aren’t the only options when it comes to setting and working towards fitness goals!

One of the more overlooked tools that are great for fitness regardless of your goal is the resistance loop, exercise bands.

These are loop-shaped bands (similar to a large rubber band) that can be used for fitness training and are often utilized in various forms of physical therapy.

This equipment allows you to do a variety of things, all in a way that is much safer for your joints than typical weightlifting. They also are much more affordable than a full set of free weights and they have more versatility.

If you’re thinking of losing weight, gaining muscle, maintaining, or anything in between, it’s time you consider adding resistance loop exercise bands into your routine.

Constant Tension

Unlike average weights, resistance loop exercise bands provide constant tension on your muscles when used in any form of exercise.

This means that there will be the same amount of pressure and challenge in the exercise done throughout the entire movement, making it much more controllable.

Good for maintenance, muscle growth, and burning calories

Often when we set fitness goals, it can feel that we have to stick to a specific form of exercise “designed” for the end goal we have in mind.

We associate weight loss with cardio, muscle gain with weightlifting, and maintenance with a variety of things.

There’s no need to stressfully research and plan what you need to stick to with resistance exercise bands because they can be used to aid you in any kind of fitness goal.
Whether it’s muscle growth, fat loss, weight maintenance, or you simply want to burn some calories for stress relief, exercise bands will be your best friend.

Less chance of injury

These exercise bands will only go as far as your range of motion allows, which means that the chance of injuring yourself while exercising with them is significantly decreased.

The last thing you want to get in the way of your fitness goals is getting injured and being unable to continue working.

Free weights are known for causing injury when a muscle is overworked or if you use a weight that is too heavy for you. With resistance bands, this isn’t a problem you really have to worry about, making these bands a much safer option for you.

Exercising with resistance loop bands also puts much less unnecessary pressure on your joints than free weights do, making them a great option for those more prone to injury, and athletes of all ages and builds.


When it comes to weightlifting you have two options: invest in a gym membership, or buy your own equipment to use at home.

The problem with this is that as you get stronger and your stamina grows, the lighter weights will become too easy for you to use. This means buying more weights, which ultimately means more money spent.

Resistance bands usually come in light, medium, and heavy resistance levels, and are much more affordable than weights. They most often can be used for almost any exercise you could do with free weights, and are a much more cost-efficient option.

You can vary your use of the 3 different resistance levels without having to purchase a new one every time one becomes too easy for you.

Great for mobility

If you’ve tried your hand at weightlifting before, you probably know that mobility isn’t necessarily in the cards, which as mentioned earlier can lead to injury.

Resistance bands are great for stretching your muscles and increasing mobility while you exercise. That is why the resistance loop exercise bands are often used in physical therapy of various kinds.

Failure to stretch and work on your mobility while weightlifting is very dangerous, but using resistance loop exercise bands instead covers all the bases.

Convenient for storage and travel

One of the biggest pains of weights is finding a good place to store them. Even worse is having to lug them around in a gym bag from place to place.

They aren’t the prettiest to look at, and only take up a place in your house.

Resistance loop exercise bands don’t take up much space at all, making them the perfect exercise equipment for at-home, travel, and working out during a pandemic!

You don’t have to worry about finding a good place for them because they can easily be folded and fit into drawers and compartments anywhere in your house.

They are also so lightweight that if you need to take them to a different room or you decide to bring them to the gym, they won’t be difficult to transfer at all.

Trust me when I say that storage and travel are not something you want to worry about when it comes to exercise equipment.

Resistance loop exercise bands are the perfect solution to this, and they are especially great for those who travel often.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands > Weightlifting

Need I say more?

No matter what fitness goals you’re working towards these days, or even if you’re just looking for a challenge and change in your typical workout routine, resistance loop exercise bands are exactly what you’re looking for.

This equipment is compact and convenient, perfect for travel and storage, and is much less likely to injure you than weights are.

Exercise bands allow you to perform any exercise you could do with weights and more! Whether it’s muscle maintenance or growth, caloric burn, or pushing your stamina, these are great for beginner and expert athletes alike.

Working towards a fitness goal can be stressful enough as it is, and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting injured or breaking the bank to make those goals a reality.

If you haven’t tried resistance loop exercise bands, I can’t recommend them enough!