Why Self Defense Promotional Products Are Great Giveaways

Personal Safety & Self Defense Promotional Items

Crime is all around us, even if you live in an upscale part of town. At any given time, you could be the victim of a crime. Riots can break out at any time. Just look at the Baltimore Riots. If you are near when those riots break out, your life could be in danger. That’s why having a self-defense product could save your life.

Giving away non-lethal, self-defense promotional products to your employees or clients is a great way to show that you care about their safety. There are a few different personal safety products to help with self-defense and all of them are great options should you find yourself in harm’s way. Check out these 3 great options below!

Personal Safety Promotional Products

Guardian Angel Self Defense Device

These modernized versions of brass knuckles are contoured for your hands to allow you to deliver a painful, yet non-lethal, striking force to an attacker. You can choose either a white or black color. These are produced quickly and can be printed with your logo in full color! These low-cost personal safety products are excellent giveaways to keep your clients and employees safer. Because this item is so unique, it will help your company stand out from your competitors!

Personal Panic Safety Alarm

This personal safety product actually has two functions. First, it is a pedometer that measures the number of steps you take, calories burned, total distance, and total exercise time. Did we mention it talks? Second, it has a panic alarm built in so you can easily activate a loud alarm should you ever feel threatened. This product gives a functional product for daily use to encourage more physical activity along with the bonus of a safety alarm.

Pepper Spray

Non-lethal pepper spray has been one of the top self-defense choices for years. These can be branded with your company name. These giveaways for your employees and customers could save a life someday. These promotional pepper sprays offer a full-color logo so you can remind your clients that you care about their safety.

Check out all of the self-defense promotional items to find the best option for your giveaway! Personal protection items such as these are also great giveaways for National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, which is observed in January. Help keep your employees and customers safer while promoting your business by giving out these great personal self-defense items referenced above.

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