Why Use Promotional Water Bottles to Brand your Business

Everyone drinks water, right? It’s essential to our body’s functioning. Since over 60 percent of the adult’s body is water, we all need it to survive. Why not capitalize on this need by providing promotional water bottles to your target audience?

Branded or promotional water bottles are easy for companies to implement in their marketing strategy. They’re affordable, useful, and versatile. Everyone uses a water bottle at some point, and with premium water bottles rising in popularity, you too can capitalize on this trend, marketing your brand with promotional water bottles. 

How Water Bottles Help your Business

How does jumping on the water bottle trend help your business? It’s simple. We brand your water bottles with your company name and/or logo. You pass them out at events – think trade shows, athletic events, festivals, and school fairs and get your name out there.  The water bottles do the rest.

  • Create brand awareness – The more people that walk around with your company’s name and logo on something, the more familiar it becomes. Even when you think people aren’t paying attention, they still see it. They may not talk about the brand or ask questions, but just seeing it makes them more aware. This brand awareness leads to curiosity, which eventually leads to sales.
  • Create conversations – Some people will ask about the company on a water bottle, especially if the name or logo catches their eye. This creates a conversation and uses the word-of-mouth advertising everyone loves. What better way to get more business than receiving referrals from past customers that all started with a water bottle?
  • Free advertising – Everyone uses a water bottle at some point. When people take your water bottle out in public, they promote your business ‘for free.’ Yes, you paid for the water bottle itself, but it’s paying you back in leaps and bounds every time the bottle makes it out into the public eye.

The Types of Water Bottles

Aluminum Water Bottles

Many consumers today avoid plastic, making aluminum water bottles a great alternative. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also hearty. Aluminum water bottles don’t break if you drop them and they keep water at a nice, cool temperature for longer periods.

Other benefits of aluminum water bottles include:

  • Environmentally friendly – Almost ¾ of aluminum today is recycled
  • Lightweight – Aluminum water bottles are easy to carry around whether walking, biking, or throwing it in a backpack
  • Safer – Aluminum doesn’t absorb harmful chemicals, keeping the drinking water safe

Glass Water BottleSerenity Bamboo Glass Bottle - 18.5 Oz.

Are you looking for a ‘high-end look’? Consider glass water bottles. They have a natural high-end feeling and are environmentally safe too. Glass bottles are easier to clean because you can see through them and keep water fresh.

Other benefits of glass water bottles include

  • Safer – Glass water bottles don’t leak chemicals into your water, keeping it safe to drink
  • Steady temps – Glass keeps liquid temperatures steady, whether hot or cold
  • Environmentally friendly – Glass is recyclable, which keeps plastic out of the landfills

Stainless Steel Bottles

Does your target audience love brands like Yeti and Boss? The vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers took the world by storm and you can jump on the bandwagon too. Made with the same durability and function as Yeti and Boss, stainless steel bottles have a double-wall construction, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

Other benefits of stainless steel bottles include:

  • Durability – Usable in any condition without the risk of melting, cracking or denting, stainless steel bottles are great for a variety of purposes
  • Safer – Stainless steel bottles don’t leak chemicals into your liquid, keeping your drinks safe
  • Eco-friendly – Stainless steel bottles are created from natural materials and recycle well

Sports Water Bottles

Sometimes it’s not about the material, but the shape of the bottle that matters. Walkers, runners, and serious athletes all want a water bottle that fits easily in their mouths without fuss when working out. Flip-top, wide mouth, and squeeze water bottles all assist athletes and exercisers drink during activity.

Other benefits of sports water bottles include:

  • Ergonomic shapes – Athletes and exercisers need easy-to-grip water bottles that allow them to hydrate and get right back to it
  • Environmentally friendly – Sports water bottles are available in a variety of materials including recyclable glass, aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Many sizes – Athletes need a lot of water, and sports water bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Choosing the Right Water Bottles for your Promotion

You know the benefits and the types of water bottles available, now how do you decide? Which bottle is right for your promotion? Consider the following factors.

What’s your Budget?

We all have to think of our budget, otherwise, how would we stay in business?. It makes little sense to invest in the most expensive water bottle today if you can’t afford enough of them. Write down your budget first. This narrows down your choices, making decision-making a little easier.

We have options for every budget, so don’t worry if yours is large or small. Knowledge is power and in this case, knowledge helps you choose the right marketing efforts. Any branded water bottle, whether plastic or high-end tumbler, has the same benefits – free advertising.

Who are you TargetingEasy Squeezy Spirit 24oz Sports Bottle

Now, think about who you’re targeting. For example, if you’re attending a children’s fair, you don’t need high-end tumblers. You may want budget water bottles that cater to the young people in the crowd. But, maybe you want to treat mom and dad to something nice and give out stainless steel water bottles.

Sit down and think of your audience. Think about who will be in attendance and what message you want them to receive. Sports fans, for example, love sports bottles – they just go hand-in-hand, even if they aren’t the athletes out on the field. Working a corporate trade show, though, lends itself to glass bottles with more sophistication and use.

What Message Do You Want to Send?

Remember, your water bottles talk to your customers and other target consumers long after you hand them out. What message does your bottle give out?

Do you want customers and your target audience to see you as environmentally friendly? Choose glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. If environmentally friendliness isn’t a key component of your advertising, plastic water bottles may be just fine, which is great for smaller budgets.

Do you want to look ‘trendy’? Jump on the latest fads, including fruit-infused water bottles and stainless steel tumblers. Think S’Well and Yeti water bottles. Most people can spot them from a mile away. If your target audience loves those bottles, buy branded water bottles that look similar and give off the same message. As a bonus, it will have your company’s name and logo on it – garnering even more attention.

Are Promotional Water Bottles Right for your Business?

Promotional water bottles fit every budget, providing a versatile gift for your target audience. This valuable advertising tool helps get your name out there in just about any industry and/or event. Water bottles provide both a short-term and long-term return on your investment.

Initially, you reward your target audience with a great and useful gift. They see your company in a different light because you provide what they need – who doesn’t need another water bottle? Because of their durability and long-standing use, water bottles continue the investment long-term. Even if they sit on a shelf for a few months or even years, eventually someone will pull it out, recreating the brand awareness.

Promotional water bottles work for you – getting your name out there while creating an image for your company. Whether you want people to think of your business as environmentally friendly, caring about health and wellness, or you just want more brand awareness, there’s a lot you can gain from giving out promotional water bottles.

Are you ready to jump on the water bottle bandwagon? Let us help you get started today!

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