Why Your Company Needs More Cowbells

Why Your Company Needs More Cowbells

The days have gotten shorter and there’s a new wind blowing across the country; weekends no longer see people in church pews at weddings, but rather, bleachers at the stadium. Football season has made its way back into the limelight and now presents your company with a tremendous opportunity to grow awareness, gain support, and achieve new business. All with the use of cowbells!

Cowbells are no longer a cliche SNL tagline but present a unique opportunity to your company. As the fall football season quickly approaches, we at Perfect Imprints have the perfect promotional cowbells that can help your company achieve the following three goals.


The most valuable asset your company has is its image and the ability to get it in front of people. Promotional marketing products struggle to dance the fine line between being a fun product and being something that promotes your company. We believe that a cowbell is the perfect promotional item to use in the Fall because it gives plenty of opportunities to advertise your company and cowbells are also items that your customers will actually use. At every football game this upcoming season, your customers will be able to cheer on their team while at the same time repping your company.


Local sporting leagues are environments where everyone from the community, no matter their background, can gather to support their teams and spend time together. These environments are the perfect place to show your company’s support for your community. A simple sponsorship of one of the local teams or partnering with the league to set up a booth where you can pass out the cowbells will show to your community you care and want to be a part of it. Passing out cowbells and even sticking around for a few games, your company will be seen as a member of the community; a company that’s there to help the community succeed, not make a fast buck at their expense. A cowbell also helps to get people involved with the game. They will have something to cheer and make noise with and support their teams better than without.


If your company is a newer addition in the community or will be hiring in the future, consider utilizing your cowbells as a first impression. Getting your name, brand, and story out to the community will be crucial, and if you pass out cowbells at games, consider having brochures about your business offerings to encourage the community to apply for positions you have available. It may seem like extra effort or something that will fall flat, but your company needs to take every opportunity to find the perfect team. As your company grows and becomes a staple in the community, you might also start to see that kids from the sports teams you were involved with return to apply for positions because your company has become so well known in the community.

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