Would You Like A Bottle or Bucket of Beer?

Custom Beer BucketsIf you go out with friends to a bar and the waitress or bartender asks if you want a bottle of beer or a bucket of beer, what do you choose?

The majority of beer drinks will, of course, say, “I’ll take the bucket!”

Beer buckets filled with beer offer a great way for bars to sell more beer. With a small discount for buying multiple bottles of beer in a bucket versus buying single beers, more beer will be sold overall. Offering beer bucket specials is a smart option for bars and pubs.

Another benefit of getting beer buckets for your establishment is reinforcement of your branding. The logo area on custom beer buckets is huge, making these very effective for branding.

How to Offset the Cost of Custom Beer Buckets

Beer buckets can be low cost if you opt for plastic beer buckets or higher in cost if you go with galvanized beer buckets. Either option works to promote your bar. Both options are durable and can last for many years.

But there’s a way to offset your cost or possibly get them FREE.

Talk with your beer distributors about partnering with you to buy beer buckets. Many distributors or craft beer breweries are more than willing to be featured on the buckets in order to sell more beer. Your bar logo can be printed on one side with a specific beer brand printed on the other side. Some of your vendors will be willing to foot the entire bill, while others may be willing to split the cost. Either way, you win by saving money.

Start with the distributors with which you have a good working relationship. The beer distributors you do a high volume with are typically much more willing to partner with you.

Metal or Plastic?

Do you choose metal or plastic beer buckets? Does it matter?

You have to go with the option that fits into your budget. If your budget is tight, then plastic is the clear choice. They are much lower in cost, yet they are still extremely durable. If budget isn’t an issue, galvanized metal beer buckets are a classic choice for most bars. The metal buckets are more durable overall than plastic buckets, however, they are more prone to dents.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which type of beer bucket you buy for your bar. What does matter is that you buy them and offer bucket of beer specials to your patrons.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

Offering beer bucket specials is a simple and very effective method of increasing beer sales. By partnering with one or more of your beer distributors, you may even be able to negotiate special pricing by offering your bucket specials with a certain beer brand. The lower beer cost combined with a higher sales volume will increase the bottom line of your bar.

Cheers to increasing your sales in the near future!

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