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Your Name On Their Lips: How to Use Custom Lip Balm w/ SPF As A Brand Promo

Did you know that 52% of people given a promo item will chose to do business with the company?

The most effective promotional items are unique and useful. Polar vortex or 80 degrees? Quick, what promotional giveaway works in both situations?

Custom lip balm w/ SPF, of course. Many people suffer from chapped lips, especially during hot and cold weather.

Not only is lip balm perfect for dry, chapped lips, but it also stays with the customer. A lip balm tucked in a pocket or backpack reminds people of your company every time they soothe their lips.

It’s best to avoid one-and-done promotional items. Sure, your logo looks great on a single-use water bottle. But, once a customer drinks the water that bottle goes in the recycle bin.

You need something a customer keeps for a long time. Keep reading for a breakdown on how lip balm keeps your company name on customer’s lips.

Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness

83% of American consumers like promotional products with an advertising message. Over 76% of them remembered what was on a promo item when asked.

They recalled the product, the advertiser, and the message. This means promotional items are an effective way to communicate.

But there’s more to success than handing out keychains or pens. Next, let’s look at what works and what doesn’t.

Coordinate Items with Your Company Message

Think of promotional items as part of the marketing campaign. Don’t expect generic items to do the heavy lifting. Pick an item that matches your brand and message.

For example, does it make sense for a dentist to hand out sunglasses? Not so much. Yet, a colorful toothbrush to take home is on brand.

The best promotional products are useful and remind the recipient of your product. When the customer uses it they see the imprinted message over and over at no extra cost to the advertiser.

Make sure the giveaway item helps the customer choose you. It should compliment your company and marketing message.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Does your item help your customer? Is it right for your target audience? Don’t settle for the cheapest item available in the fastest timeframe.

Think about what potential clients want and need. Give them something useful. Everyone already has a keychain and magnet. If you hand out something everyone already has you’re wasting your time and money. It’s not going to make anyone call your company if it’s in the trash bin.

Practical, necessary items find their way into everyday life. In fact, 91% of the consumers kept at least one promotional item in the kitchen. Many people also had products in their offices, bedrooms, and storage spaces.

Always know your audience before picking your promotional item. If you hand out a product potential clients want it’s a win-win situation.

Consumers get an appealing free product. Your company gets brand recognition and return on the investment.

Think About Distribution

Before you order anything think about who gets the company swag and how you’ll deliver it. That’s part of knowing your audience.

Are you distributing at a trade show or expo? Will the product be for a specific list? Know how, when, and where you’ll get the item to your target consumer.

Once you know how you’ll get your product to potential clients ask if the items suit your plan.

You don’t want to hand out heavy or awkward items at a trade show. Why? Because customers have to carry it around all day. Worse yet, they may not have room in their suitcase to take it home.

Save the fleece pullovers for one-on-one meetings, or shipping to clients. Select a small, useful item for expos. Like a custom lip balm with SPF!

Another important part of the distribution is how you receive and store the items. Is the item part of a time-sensitive ad campaign? Will events be at different locations? Do you need to ship to more than one company office?

Consider every aspect of distribution before you order product. Pay attention to logistics at the start to guarantee success.

There’s nothing worse than a trade show booth with no giveaways. Or an event that’s missing branded products.

Always Include a Call to Action

There’s a reason you’re giving away promotional products. What’s your goal? Do you want people to:

  • Visit Your Website
  • Call for a Free Quote
  • Engage on Social Media
  • Tell Someone About Your Product

When you give a current or potential customer your product always include a call to action. It’s part of your return on investment.

Ask them to share a photo of your product on social media. Make sure you provide the hashtag. Comment and like their posts to show you appreciate them. Post your own images to encourage user-generated content.

If you want people to call for a free quote put your phone number on the product and tell them. The same goes for a website address.

Make it as easy as possible for people to take the next step.

How to Use Custom Lip Balm w/ SPF for Your Brand

Okay, now let’s talk specifics about a lip balm with your custom message. This unique and useful product is a great idea in so many situations.

You can color coordinate the packaging to match a specific event. Choose a wraparound label or simple logo and message.

Bulk orders fit most budgets and give you enough product to promote your company all year. Lip balm is an effective way to get the greatest visibility.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate lip balm into a marketing plan.

Seasons, Holidays, and Professional Events

If your product or services are seasonal, use it to your advantage. Make lips kissable around Valentines Day. Help people get ready for the First Day of Summer in June. Protect lips from the elements during Winter.

Check our idea calendar for ways to promote your business. There’s a day to appreciate and celebrate everyone. Use those special days as a tie-in to your promotion.

Do you sell to nurses, doctors, dermatologists, CNAs or other healthcare professionals? Every medical pro appreciates lip balm with sun protection.

Professional trade shows and seminars are more places to distribute your items. When people travel to expos they forget essentials at home. Trade show visitors love practical gifts like free lip balm.

Professional trade shows aren’t the only place to hand out freebies. Lip balms are welcome at expos on weddings, home improvement, gardening, and crafts, too. Choose from our wide selection for any event or occasion.

Tourists, Chamber of Commerce

Own a hotel on the beach or a chalet in the mountains? Give your guests a branded lip balm they use long after they return home.

Local business chambers promote goodwill. Remind potential members to join with a message on lip balm. If you host a Chamber of Commerce meeting, give lip balm to attendees.

When guests check into a local hotel or Airbnb, make your branded lip balm part of their welcome basket. Invite them to visit your business while they’re in town.

Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, and Assisted Living

Patients in the hospital or rehab centers appreciate the comfort of a lip balm. It’s something they may have forgotten to bring. Seniors and family members who tour a senior living center have your name in hand when you give them a lip balm.

Dentist or Orthodontist

A lip balm branded for a dentist or orthodontist is the perfect fit. Hand out the lip balm at the first consult, or during a checkup. Special touches like a lip balm make teeth cleanings more pleasant.

Sporting Event SWAG Bags

More than 18 million people ran a half marathon in the United States last year. Every big race gives participants some SWAG. If your target audience includes athletes it makes sense to add your lip balm to the SWAG bag.

Sun Protection at Outdoor Events

Everyone is aware of the importance of protecting lips from the sun. Does it make sense for your company to have a vendor booth at a local concert or festival? Then hand out lip balm to keep attendees happy. A custom lip balm is easy to carry around and useful during and after the event.

Students, Summer Camp

Almost every community collects school supplies for children in need. Be active in your community by supplying lip balm. Do you sell school supplies, gear, or apparel? Make sure every student knows how to find your products.

Give students and camp attendees lip balm customized with a school or camp logo.

How to Launch a Successful Promotional Product Campaign

Now that you have lots of ideas, let’s make sure your efforts succeed. Check out the following advice on launching a promo product campaign.

Order Early

It takes time to produce the best promotional products. Don’t rush it. Everything takes longer than you think. Always request a sample of the product.

If you want your SWAG to look great and fit your budget, plan ahead. Never wait until the last minute to order. When you rush, mistakes happen.

Leave plenty of time for decision-making and proofs. 5,000 lip balms with the wrong phone number are useless and expensive. It’s a custom product. It can’t be resold to someone else. Make a mistake, and you still pay for it.

Always ask the professionals for advice. They know what images and fonts look best on certain products. Ask for options that fit your budget.

Get estimates on quantity and delivery timeframes. When you plan ahead, your product won’t incur rush charges.

Plan ahead to get the item you want at the price you can afford.

Don’t Choose Generic Items

As mentioned earlier, the best giveaways are unique and useful. Don’t choose a generic keychain because you can’t think of something else. Generic items end up in the back of a drawer or the trash.

Make sure people keep your product with a creative, quality choice like custom lip balm. Customization makes it unique to your company. A special item is memorable to clients.

Make Implementation Easy

Don’t make distribution complicated.

Let’s go back to the trade show example. If you offer a free lip balm in return for an email address, make it easy for them to give it to you. Ask people to drop a business card into a container.

Or, find a way for them to enter their email address on a computer or tablet. If the exchange is hard, people won’t do it. Make it a smooth operation.

Build Your Brand with Promotional Products

Statistics prove people enjoy free promotional giveaways because most people keep and use the products they like. The right item keeps your name in front of potential clients long after you meet.

Promo item giveaways can enhance any marketing campaign. It an easy conversation starter and introduction to new customers.

Ready to add effective promotional items to your marketing efforts? Custom lip balm w/ SPF is a smart choice for your next favor or promotional giveaway. As you can see from this article, it works in so many situations.

Need more information? Want help with customization? Contact Perfect Imprints to get creative with your marketing promotional items.

Visit our website to see our selection of branded lip balm. We have something for any event or occasion. Keep your company name on everyone’s lips with custom lip balm from Perfect Imprints.

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