Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas ornaments are great corporate giveaways for end-of-year Christmas gifts. We have a wide variety of customized tree ornaments that can be personalized with your company or organization logo. These Custom Christmas ornaments are great annual gifts to give away to your employees, customers, and potential clients so they can create a collection. We suggest that you change up the ornament color or style each year so the collection varies for your recipients. Some of the personalized Christmas ornaments we offer include the traditional round Christmas balls, laser engraved wooden ornaments, custom shaped acrylic, pewter, seeded paper ornaments, and more! For the most unique customized ornaments, check out our custom shape ornaments so no other company will have the same ornaments to give out to their customers. Custom shaped ornaments come in metal, wood, and acrylic materials that can be shaped like your logo or mascot and make perfect holiday gifts.
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Minimum Order: 100
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Minimum Order: 100
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Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $2.52
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $2.52
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As low as: $7.00
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As low as: $8.75
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $8.75
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $6.69
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $1.75
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As low as: $71.92
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $71.92
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $71.92
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Imagine it’s Black Friday. Customers are lined around the block to get into a coffee shop. While you can appreciate the need for those early morning shoppers to get a caffeine fix, a line wrapping around the block for coffee on Black Friday is still an unusual sight to see. That’s when you realize that while people are waiting in line for coffee, most of them are there for their free gift: a customized holiday ornament from their favorite local coffee shop!

Consider the brilliance of this marketing plan: friends and family will see a custom holiday ornament on so many trees in homes during the holiday season, leading to hundreds, maybe even thousands of impressions to people who are likely to trust brands their friends and family do. While people are heading out to stores, or, let’s be real, on their way home from the early morning shopping they’ve done, seeing a line makes them wonder what the buzz is about at a coffee shop - making them consider that it must be a great place for great coffee, especially when people are willing to wait in another line on Black Friday.

This is not the only way custom Christmas ornaments can make a big impact during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to add a special touch to a corporate gift, give an appreciation gift to customers or volunteers, or design a unique item for a fundraising opportunity, custom Christmas Ornaments provide a unique holiday gift that can be customized to fit an organization’s needs.

Looking for additional inspiration, check out our recent post on Starting a New Company Tradition with Custom Christmas Ornaments. (

Custom Christmas Ornaments Make a Great Gift

School and Cause Fundraisers

We’ve all seen or been held captive by the traditional school fundraiser before, whether it’s been overpriced Christmas wrapping paper or popcorn stuffed tins. Not only do those companies keep over 45 percent of the money the fundraising brings in, the products they sell have no emotional tie to the school or even the clubs within a school. Because of this, it’s difficult to get parents and family members who want to help, to get excited by these options, much less extended friends and family.

Custom Christmas ornaments, however, provide an opportunity to customize fundraising options for the school - and even an opportunity to have different custom ornaments for the school’s sports teams, band, dance, or clubs, building years of great memories that will be renewed each year the ornament is placed on a Christmas tree. The ability to customize these gifts also means that each year can be different, setting up a long-standing holiday tradition that people in the community will be excited by and look forward to each year.

Just like a school fundraiser, a cause fundraiser operates much the same way. Whether your church is looking for a unique fundraiser for its parishioners or your nonprofit organization wants another opportunity to raise the bar for its final fundraising events for the year, custom Christmas ornaments can be customized each year to bring unique fundraising excitement to your organization.

Check out our list of the Top 5 Custom Christmas Ornaments for Fundraisers

Corporate Gifts to Clients / Customers

We’ve already discussed how a custom ornament as a gift with purchase can be a huge success, but have you also considered how unique this option can be for a business to give to each of its clients in appreciation for their business? Not only will a holiday gift make your clients and customers feel appreciated, but it helps continue to build relationships.

Thank You Gift for Donations

Every organization that raises funds should keep a list of those individuals who give throughout the year, because donors who donate once are more likely to donate again. Instead of sending out the standard “Thank You” holiday card, have you considered sending a custom Holiday ornament instead to make contributors to your cause feel appreciated? More than a card that will likely get tossed into the garbage each year, a custom holiday ornament reminds them each year that it gets placed on the Christmas tree that the organization they’ve given money to appreciates that gift.

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

While donors give money, volunteers often give a more powerful resource to making your organization and their events a success: their time. Make sure they feel appreciated so they will continue to support your organization with a custom Christmas ornament.

The Perfect Gift Tag

Take your holiday packaging to the next level with the perfect gift tag: a custom Holiday ornament. As unboxing becomes experiential, each time the person receiving the gift looks at their custom holiday ornament that first appeared on their gift, they will remember feeling appreciated.

Types of Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re searching for the traditional ball-shaped ornament or something a little more unique, we offer a wide variety of ornaments to choose from to make your custom Christmas ornament a special piece that people will want to display on their Christmas tree.

A listing of our ornaments includes:

Shatterproof Ball Ornaments

Make sure your custom ornament is safe for everyone with the shatterproof ball ornament. Available in 10 great colors and printed in one color or full color with your logo, mascot, a Bible verse, or any other custom text, these make a big impact.

Flat Shatterproof Ornaments

If you want to make sure the custom holiday ornament gift you are giving lasts for years and is safe for all recipients, but want something with a little more character than the traditional ball-shaped ornament, the flat shatterproof ornament is definitely a superior choice.

Glass Ornaments

Whether the traditional ball-shaped, a lighted up version of the traditional ball shape, or hand blown glass, these custom Christmas ornaments can either be elegant or fun with many different color options available.

Laser Etched Glass Ornaments

Make your Holiday branding message stand up with the elegant look of laser etching on glass.

Crystal Ornaments

The ultimate custom Christmas ornament can also be displayed all year round as a sun catcher. These ornaments can either be laser-etched, one color, or printed in full color for a pop of colorful explosion.

Pewter Ornaments

Want to take your custom Christmas ornament up a notch and make sure that it won’t break? Consider a pewter ornament, available in a variety of shapes and available with laser engraving can make a classic and sophisticated holiday message.

Ceramic Ornaments

One of the most popular choices, Ceramic ornaments can be painted to include striped patterns or imprinted in full color to beautiful display a holiday message and incorporate your logo.

Snowflake Ornaments

Always a popular design, snowflake ornaments come in a variety of materials to make a unique holiday statement.

Ugly Sweater Ornaments

A unique take on the Ugly Holiday Sweater competition popular in organizations across the world. Take this up a notch and increase your social media engagement with a contest to design the “best” ugly Christmas sweater and use that design to create a one-of-a-kind ornament for your customers.

Custom Shaped Christmas Ornaments

While traditional shapes and designs are nice, a custom-shaped Christmas ornament can be a unique gift. We can create custom shaped ornaments in the shape of your logo, company product, or school mascot!

We love a challenge and can’t wait to work with you to ensure that your gift is a one-of-a-kind experience your customers will love.

Christmas Ornament Materials

We offer custom Christmas ornaments in the following materials to choose from:

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Give each recipient of the custom Christmas ornaments the personal touch with personalization options available.

Imprint Method

Most ornaments will offer multiple imprinting methods that determine the look and feel of your holiday messaging, including:

  • Etching
  • Laser Engraving
  • Full Color


Etching is a chemical process that can provide an elegant look on glass and crystal.

Laser Engraving

When it comes to pewter and wood, laser engraving can make classic and stylish one-of-a-kind images and messages stand out.

Full Color

A colorful design easily brings the eye to the logo or messaging and makes it easily stand out.

Production Time

While we have a variety of production time to meet holidays schedules, we recommend contacting at a minimum of three weeks away from your in-hands date to ensure a timely delivery and to avoid any additional rush fees

  • 5 Working Days
  • 5 to 10 Working Days
  • 10 Working Days
  • Rush Service Available
  • Holiday Delays

Rush Service

While rush services are available they can be severely limited in the busy 4th quarter season. Please contact us immediately if you’re working with a tight deadline, especially in the last part of the year.

Holiday Delays

The 4th quarter is one of the busiest times of year for our industry, which is routed in gift giving. Not only do we receive an influx of holiday orders in the 4th quarter, but shipping companies are also often inundated with additional packages at this time. Make sure you’re considering both production time and shipping time in your gift-giving and in hands date plan.

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment you hand your gift to its excited recipient. We’re here to help you through every step of the process. When it comes to custom Christmas ornaments, we want to make sure you create a holiday gift that will be appreciated and displayed for years to come.

Contact us today to get started on your perfect gift. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5 PM CT.

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