Custom Christmas Stockings

Our custom Christmas stockings are great for corporate giveaways. You can stuff these personalized Christmas stockings with goodies and pass out to your customers and employees. Most of our Christmas stockings can be custom printed with your company logo or promotional slogan printed on them. Also, choose from several Christmas stockings personalized with your logo or buy in bulk with no imprint. These custom Christmas stockings are great for holiday parties and mass giveaways! Personalized Christmas stockings are great giveaways around the Christmas season. Fill your custom stockings with Christmas gifts and give them out to your employees and customers as rewards.
Minimum Order: 144
As low as: $2.39
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $1.33
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $4.06
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $7.90
Minimum Order: 12
As low as: $9.76
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $2.64
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.88
Minimum Order: 35
As low as: $19.62
Minimum Order: 50
As low as: $10.94


Imagine how excited you would get when your eight-year-old self would wake up early Christmas morning with a stocking stuffed full of goodies. Bring back that magical Christmas spirit by providing your client, staff member, or participant with a promotional stocking to stuff! 


Christmas Stocking Benefits


Central Item

Stockings have always been an important part of Christmas. Children hang them over the fireplace (or on the walls) and wait for Santa to stuff them full. They become a central focus when they get yanked down with anxious hands. Your company could be a part of the anticipation. Have your logo at eye level at all times when you market with Christmas stockings.


Highlight of the Customer Experience

Gifts can easily make a customer experience better. As a customer, you want to feel acknowledged and important. Giving back to those who support you makes for a better business and consumer experience. There is no doubt that this form of marketing strengthens the business-to-buyer relationship.



We are not only talking about eco-friendly here--we are talking about years and years of reexposure! Stockings get reused and rehung every year! Your brand is bound to make impressions!


Incredible Brand Retention

Watch how the years of reusable stockings can accumulate loyal consumers! With so many competing brands, it's hard for clients to keep track! Make sure you are the business to stand above all others.


Stuff Them Full

Stuff those promotional stockings full of goodies. Whether you choose to clog them with sweet treats, toys, coupons, or more promotional items, your supporters will thank you! You can’t go wrong with a stuffed stocking. Believe it or not, customers and participants will get the same overwhelming gratification then as they do on Christmas Day!



Handing out promotional stockings is keeping up with the holiday traditions. The clients who celebrate Christmas will be deeply appreciative of the lengths you’ve gone through to make them feel special this season.


More Company Growth

When you have clients participating in your holiday marketing scheme, your business grows! Watch how far it can take you into the following year. It is amazing just how much people remember you based on your promotional decisions.



The holidays are all about gathering together. Close family and friends typically share the same values, so if you are a company or organization one host supports, chances are your brand will have an effect on those who are close to them. You already have one advocate on your side. That means two things: they took the initiative to hang up your promotional stocking and they will speak highly about your services.


Staff Appreciation 

It all starts with the heart of your company. A happy staff around the holidays leads to increased sales and productivity. Give a special gift to the ones who make everything happen on a day-to-day basis. Personalized Christmas stockings are a fun way to bring the Christmas spirit into work and show appreciation. For added spice this holiday, add a little personalization to each employee's stocking. Name embroidery is the perfect touch! 

Fill them up or add a treat in the stockings every morning before your employees arrive. Similar to an Advent calendar, this builds anticipation and motivation for your employees. Fun activities like this will make your office staff feel like a family and feel appreciated.


Personalize Christmas Stockings

There are many creative ways that you can give out your personalized Christmas stockings. Look for items to stuff your stockings! Be sure to check out all our other Christmas promotional pieces.

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