Custom Hallowen Bags

You can buy many different types of personalized Halloween trick or treat bags including metallic and reflective bags, coupon bags, and standard poly trick or treat bags. Our custom Halloween bags can include your company logo imprint. Halloween gift bags are great to promote your business and promote safety for children while trick or treating. Many of our trick or treat bags have safety tips on the bags to help keep kids safe. Each personalized candy bag can be customized with your promotional imprint to market your business or organization. We offer many unique Halloween designs that are only available through our website. Our designers are continually creating cool, new Halloween designs to give you options to stand out and be different than your competitors who are giving away the same old Halloween bag designs. We can also offer completely custom goodie bags designed specifically for you. Our graphic designers can design to your specifications giving you truly unique, personalized trick or treat bags that your customers will love! If bags won't work well for your event, be sure to check out our jack-o-lantern candy buckets!
Minimum Order: 25
As low as: $4.55
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $0.53
Minimum Order: 72
As low as: $5.99
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.20
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $0.58
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $0.84
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $0.74
Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults. This holiday brings plenty of Halloween costume parties, haunted houses, and, of course, trick or treating. Millions of kids go trick or treating each year and a necessary component is a trick or treat bag. That's why custom Halloween trick or treat bags are great giveaways each year to promote your business during the Halloween season. Not only are they great to promote your business, but since most of our Halloween bags include trick or treating safety tips, they promote the safety of children while trick or treating. Year after year, your customers with trick or treat age kids will depend on your business supplying them with candy bags for trick or treating. This is great because it keeps your business at the top of their mind every Halloween season. There are many creative ways you can give out Halloween trick or treat bags during the month of October. You can use the trick or treat bags as merchandise bags with purchases, rather than your standard plastic or paper shopping bags. You can fill the bag with promotional items and coupons and give to customers during the Halloween season or you can simply display them at your store and promote anyone who will need a trick or treat bag to take one and use on Halloween. If you opt for the non-woven polypropylene Halloween bags, they will be reusable each Halloween, increasing the value of your investment.
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