Candy corn is a classic Halloween candy so it makes perfect sense to use custom printed packets of candy corn for Halloween giveaways. Its orange, yellow, and white color combination along with its unique shape screams Halloween. Shop our large selection of custom printed candy corn packets, tins, jars, and gift boxes. Each branded with your company logo and filled with candy corn. These are perfect to drop in the trick or treat bags or as giveaways for your customers.
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $4.45
Minimum Order: 100
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Minimum Order: 200
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Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $18.78
Minimum Order: 48
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Minimum Order: 48
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Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $6.29

Candy Corn! You either love this sweet treat or think it's more useful as a cliche autumn decoration. Regardless of your personal preference, there is no denying that when you see the yellow, orange, and white fang-looking candies laying out… It's officially Fall!

Halloween is just one of the highlights the fall season brings us and because candy corn is deeply associated with the holiday, It is a must-have for timely promotions!

Stay ahead of the marketing trend and get your personalized candy corn today! Pair this with one of our beautifully crafted candy bags and see just how excited your customers will be to come back and support your business! We, as clients, all love a little treat every once and a while.

Handing out candy corn is quite literally a sweet gesture. Make sure you are at the top of a client's mind when it comes to all seasonal promotions. Brand retention is hard enough as it is because of so many competing companies. Stand out above all others and show your customers that you appreciate their business. After all, of course, you wouldn’t be where you are today without them!

This small act of kindness turns into something much larger when you start seeing customers build brand loyalty. It takes just one thing to appeal to someone's interest, so why not make that a delicious promotional item they can carry around with them anywhere?

Since our promotional candies come in portable containers, your customers can take them around wherever they go! This makes for even more exposure. It allows clients to pull out their customized candies when convenient to them! With that being said, the candy can also be easily stored when clients are finished with them--in a purse, back pocket, or anywhere! 

Feel free to take a look at our individually packaged candy corn. This makes for a great treat to hand out during Halloween. The candy corn comes in an easy access wrapper that is designed with Halloween print. Our candy tubes come as a resealable container, making them mess-free and portable at any time. That’s not all, though! We have many different size and shape selections to choose from! You can have your promotional items ordered in the form of jars, tin bins, bags, and bottles so that you're sure to please your customers! 

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful company is the way a customer feels coming in and going out of the store. Seal the deal when clients are exiting the building. By using promotional candies, you'll be sure to reel them back in time after time again.

Whether you add this customized sweet treat as a detail to a promotional bag or hand them out just as a thank you for being a loyal customer, you are sure to be memorable. You can use these as incentives, give them away as prizes, or use them in a contest! How would you choose to use these infamous traditional candies?

If you are the type of person who prefers to use candy corn as an autumn decor, don’t worry! We have plenty of other sweet treats to choose from. Check out all our unique designs that can hold your personalized candy. Grab yours today and start handing out your custom candy just in time for the new season!

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