Customized Beanies

Customized beanies, or as our friends to the North call them, toques, are great promotional item giveaways. These personalized beanies can be embroidered with your custom logo imprint. These are great winter giveaways to keep your employees and customers warm. Any of the blank beanies in this category can be personalized with your custom logo. Customized beanies or tuques are perfect winter giveaways to promote your company!

See Our 3 Favorite Custom Beanies

Minimum Order: 15
As low as: $19.74
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $20.09
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $17.72
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $14.84
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $11.29
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.40
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.39
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.59
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.39
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.97
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.57
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $8.68
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $6.76
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.85
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $6.20
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $6.43
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $9.57
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $1.75
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $2.00
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $10.00
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $8.25
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $2.38
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $9.88
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $8.88
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $11.50
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $10.63
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.50
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $7.00
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $11.33
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.37
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.99
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.48
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $5.39
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $6.31
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $15.78
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $9.28
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $11.93
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $13.86
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $5.42
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $8.41
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $8.42
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $7.90
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $6.84
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $5.74
Minimum Order: 48
As low as: $6.31

Much like t-shirts, beanies offer brands the ability to imprint or embroider a large logo or message in a highly visible location.  Consider the Winter Olympics, for example.  When the camera pans the crowd in summer, you’re lucky if you can read the logo on any embroidered or imprinted t-shirt.  Even during the winter months, due to stadium seating, you’re lucky if you can make out messaging on imprinted or embroidered jackets, sweaters, or hoodies.  But, as the camera pans the stands, you can easily see baseball caps in the summer and customized beanies or custom toques and easily make out the message.

Imagine the kind of impressions your investment could get for local sporting events that take place in the winter: from basketball, football, and hockey games to volunteers at nonprofit organizations hosting marathons in colder months. 

Considering investing in customized beanies for your brand? Check out our history and complete buying guide for custom beanies and customized toques.

Custom Beanies and Customized Toques Are Great For:

Winter Sports

Winter Resorts

Winter Retreats

Tool Companies and Merchants

Marathon Sponsorships

Companies with Outdoor Workers

Local Gift Shops

Safety Initiatives

Social Media Engagement

Band Merchandise

Winter Sports

From the typical sporting events: basketball, football, and hockey: to the sports that take place outside during the colder months like skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating, customized beanies and custom toques.  

From sporting goods companies that specialize in specific gear for outdoor snow-filled adventures to organizations whose target customers fall in that market, custom beanies and customized tuques offer a unique opportunity to capture a large, highly specialized audience and provide a high return on investment. 

Winter Resorts

From the airport to the shuttle to the front door, there are a million places to lose not only your gloves, but your hat.  It’s a no-brainer for winter resorts to offer a customized beanie or custom toques in their gift shop for those that suddenly find themselves without a way to keep their head warm as they explore the fresh air of the great outdoors.

This also offers a great opportunity for resorts to partner with local companies for co-branding opportunities.  From local rental shops for skis and other equipment, most people don’t bring with them on a special winter vacation to local coffee shops, a custom beanie or customized toque can provide a terrific opportunity to work together and provide the best services to core guests. 

Winter Retreats

Whether you’re in the 1st quarter and want to build teams and goals for the upcoming year or in the 4th quarter and reviewing goals you made and rewarding teams on their success, custom beanies, embroidered with a company logo offer the opportunity for a member of your organization to proudly display their success or a memory of the goals they made all winter long.  

Consider embroidering or imprinting custom beanies or toques in this instance, each year, with specific goals or teams, maybe even a different message to aspire to each year, that way they stay fresh and your team members want to receive the customized items as a gift. 

Tool Companies and Merchants

From hanging lights to winterizing pipes, homeowners and renters take care of a range of household duties in the cold winter months.  Whether you’re a tool company looking to make a tempting offer for Black Friday or a merchant like Home Depot, Ace, Lowes or a local shop, having custom beanies available to your customers makes spending time outside a one-stop shopping experience. 



Marathons are intentionally often scheduled in colder months, to help keep a runner’s body cool for the endurance it takes to run between 13 and 26 miles.  As a result, the staff and volunteers surrounding the event are often dressed with a need to stay warm for the long hours waiting for everyone to finish the course.  This makes custom beanies and customized toques a welcome gift from sponsors of the events.  Add an extra touch by embroidering “volunteer” or “staff” on them to make these individuals stand out in a crowd.  

Fundraising and Pop-Up Stores

Marathons take extensive planning to execute properly each year.  They’re also expensive endeavors to undertake.  A way to offset costs that runners must pay is to offer branded merchandise, like custom beanies and toques, both online and in pop-up stores at the event itself. 

Companies with Outdoor Workers

Companies with workers who spend any amount of time outdoors should look at ensuring the look of their uniforms stays on brand, while also offering a neat incentive for new employees in an onboarding kit.

Where possible, co-branding opportunities could also work exceedingly well here.  Imagine an Instacart employee wearing a custom beanie from Lays or Coke when they go to deliver, or a local grocery store partnering with Shipt and offering custom beanies and toques to cashiers, stockers, and those who bag groceries and return carts to the store?  By offering brand awareness where it is most needed in a highly visible way, you increase awareness that this grocery store has the ability to deliver your groceries to you. 

Local Gift Shops

Tourism remains a very vital part to the US and Canadian economies. In the winter months, people making their way to snow-filled vacation getaways stop at local gift shops along the way - or look for a souvenir in a local shop to show “Hey, I was there!” 

Imagine you’re in a gift shop in Niagara Falls, Canada and you look around and don’t even see a beanie available?  Wouldn’t that just feel wrong? 

Custom beanies and toques are essential items that whether they are embroidered or imprinted offer a valuable item to guests and visitors that they will take with them and keep for years to come. 

Safety Initiatives

Just as work retreats offer a terrific opportunity to give employees a gift for their hard work or to set goals, custom beanies can be a wonderful gift to focus on safety initiatives, especially in safety fluorescent colors.

Social Media Engagement

Here’s an awesome idea: up your social media engagement with a “design the beanie” contest.  The winning entry gets to see their beanie come to life and you get to offer a limited edition, one-of-a-kind item to your brand’s fans.        

Band Merchandise

A few years ago, one of our team members attended a general admission show in Austin, Texas.  Because it was in Texas, she was not expecting the weather to get as cold as it did. Even with a packed audience, she was freezing.  Times like that are necessary for bands and musicians to carry merchandise for their fans to purchase.  Not only do they get an item that they need, but they’ll also immediately wear it, and wear it for months to come. 

Additionally, the 4th quarter and the Holiday season offers a terrific time to promote your latest merchandise, whether you’re promoting a new album of Christmas favorites or a seasonal release of new music.  Pairing the release with new offerings in an online store helps drives sales and awareness of your band or your own personal brand as a musician.   

Wearable Tech

Ever since the watch was developed in 1500, humankind has made advancements towards wearable technology that not only makes their lives easier but is intuitive to use and whose use serves a specific function.  With the advent of modern technology, we’re only just now beginning to explore how wearable tech will influence modern life for years to come. 

Perfect Imprints is excited to bring you wearable tech items that can be customized, like the customizable Bluetooth beanie that lets you take phone calls and listen to music handsfree - all while keeping your head warm in frosty winter months. 

Types of Custom Beanies and Customized Toques


No matter what type of promotional product is given, when that product is already a premium branded gift, your gift has a higher perceived value.  Branded premium gifts see a higher return on their investment. 

Perfect Imprints is proud to offer our custom beanies and customized toques by the following brands:

  • Adidas
  • Basecamp
  • Bayside
  • Big Accessories
  • CornerStone
  • District
  • econscious
  • Elevate
  • New Era
  • OGIO Endurance
  • Oakley
  • Port Authority
  • Roots73
  • Sport-Tek
  • Sportsman
  • UltraClub
  • UnderArmour

Varieties of Custom Beanies / Customized Toques

We offer a wide selection of beanies and toques in several colors:

  • Ribbed Beanies
  • Knit Beanies
  • Waffle Beanies
  • Beanies with Pom
  • Beanies with Cuffs
  • Reflective Beanies
  • Keep Warm Bundled Sets
  • Beanies with Lids
  • Slouch Beanies
  • Patone Matched Jacquard Beanies
  • Peruvian Tassle Hats 

Custom Beanie Materials


Cotton Kit

Acrylic with Poly/Cotton Blend


Imprint Method


Full Color

Pad Printed

Embossed (Leather)

Screen Print

Screen Print Full Color 

Production Time

Our customized beanies and custom toques vary widely in production time, based on the items you select.  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer any of our custom beanies or toques on a rush service basis.  However, if you’re working up against a tight deadline, please contact us immediately so we can work with you on delivery times. 

  • 5 to 7 Working Days
  • 7 to 10 Working Days
  • 10 to 12 Working Days
  • 12 to 15 Working Days
  • 15 to 18 Working Days
  • 30 Working Days
  • Holiday Delays 

Holiday Delays

Due to the nature of giving or selling custom beanies or customized toques, many orders will be placed during the period when our factories experience an influx of orders, driving them to operate at capacity levels.  Compounding matters, when it comes to orders during the 4th quarter are shipping times that are often extended as shipping companies work with a heavier than usual volume on their end. 

Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.  If you have a hard to meet timeline during the holiday season, please give us a call so that we can monitor your shipment and keep you updated on its delivery throughout the order process. 

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment your perfect custom beach ball event takes place.  We’re here to help you through every step of the process. 

Contact us today to get started on your perfect custom beach ball order. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CT.

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