Custom Coolers

Personalized coolers with your custom logo and imprint are great giveaways for your outdoor events. Choose your personalized cooler bags from many different sizes and styles including customized lunch bags, 6 pack coolers, 12 pack coolers, and large drink coolers. Custom coolers are promotional items that recipients will keep for many years giving your brand repeated exposure after the initial giveaway. Whether you choose a brand name cooler such as Igloo or Coleman, or you an off-brand option, these useful promos will be used frequently. For pool and beach events, coolers customized with your logo are always an excellent choice. When shopping for custom coolers, it's important to note the major differences between the low price promotional coolers and the higher priced premium coolers. Premium coolers use higher quality insulation which keeps the ice longer than cheaper coolers. When buying customized coolers, you can choose from lunch coolers, 6 pack coolers, or all the way up to 48 can coolers and larger. We have many well-known brand name coolers such as Coleman, Igloo, and Stanley to choose from as well as a larger assortment of other high-quality coolers which work just as well or better.
Special Notice for shipments to the state of California