Believe it or not, but the fanny pack is coming back!! Shop our selection of custom fanny packs. These are great promotional items as your company logo is imprinted on the front where it is highly visible and will get great exposure. Fanny packs have resurfaced and are making a splash with the younger generation as they realize that even though they are not the greatest fashion statement, there is a reason they were so popular. Recent justifications for fanny packs making a return to the mainstream range from, "they are way more comfortable than I thought they would be" to "it's basically the same thing as Batman's utility belt!" Whatever your reasoning, at Perfect Imprints we support the fan
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***Welcome Back Fanny Pack***

As it turns out, all the dorky dads from the 1980’s and 90’s had it right all along! The fanny pack, yes, I said the fanny pack, is making a comeback that would make even Brittney Spears proud. This odd little pouch had its first run in the 1980’s and 90’s and was popular among dads, grandpas, and even the occasional mom or two. However, during its first wave, the fanny pack was mocked, ridiculed, and shamed right back into the depths of fashion from where it came. The fanny pack had taken its worst criticism from young people. It seemed that beyond the dorky 90’s dad, the only acceptable use of the fanny pack was for dog trainers to hold those delectable little puppy treats. But don’t get caught outside the training arena still wearing it! Jump forward about 2 decades and people are being forced to do a double take. “Was she wearing a FANNY PACK?!?!” Yes, she was. The fanny pack is back on the market and more popular now than in its first run. Fashion tends to run in circles, and we often see the same styles our parents wore come back in slightly altered and updated forms. There are some fashions that we feel confident saying are never coming back. Poodle skirts, boots with the fur, shoulder pads, Jnco jeans (remember those insane pants boys wore in the 90’s!). I mean we would have put money down that the only resurrection of any of those items would be for an episode of “I Love the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s”. And had you asked us just a year ago, we would have felt just fine adding the fanny pack to that list. Well, it’s a good thing there was not a real list and no real money up against it because we would have lost big time with the fanny pack.

So, who is responsible for the fanny packs resurgence? Sororities. Yep, those historic houses in and around college campuses filled with girls! Those girls can almost single-handedly claim victory for bringing the fanny pack back. At some point in the last decade, college girls all over the country have discovered the convenience and comfort that their dad most likely used as a part of his argument 20 years ago, of course, as history now shows us, he lost that battle and was forced to retire the fanny pack. The poor guy now must watch as his daughter and all her sorority sisters prance around wearing the fun little pouch that he was shamed out of wearing. Our heart goes out to you 80’s and 90’s dads! About the only change made to the fanny pack since its return to the spotlight is the availability of more colors and patterns and also how the fanny pack is worn. Despite the name, you don’t want to wear it like your dad did. Turn that thing around! The “cool” way to boast your fanny pack is either on the hip or around front under the abdomen. Fanny packs are no longer synched tight to the waist like they were in the 80’s and 90’s. Most wearers of the fanny pack are wearing them slightly looser around the waist.

The fanny pack has become more desirable over carrying a purse for some women. Purses tend to rub into your shoulder and can make you a target for muggers and thieves. The fanny pack is compact and buckled securely around the waist leaving both your hands-free. Thieves and muggers often look for an easy target they can rob and get away from quickly, and I don’t know about you but it doesn’t look like getting a fanny pack off another person in a hurry is an easy quest. Making you look less vulnerable to bad guys gives the fanny pack high marks in my book, so let’s talk about its other qualities. When it comes to storage space, I give the fanny pack lower marks than a traditional purse. Now, I have always carried larger bags, but the older I got, the more I realized I did not need to bring all that junk with me. I downsized to much smaller bags and my shoulders have been thanking me ever since. The fanny pack is available in different sizes, however, the bigger they get, the more and more reminiscent of the 80’s they become. For storage space, I give the fanny pack a B-. When it comes to its convenience though, the fanny pack gets an A+. The fanny pack allows you to keep both hands free and keeps your belongings and valuables safe and secure around your waist.

Despite its tumultuous history, the fanny pack is a great fashion accessory that offers more than meets the eye. Thanks to sorority sisters all over the United States, this versatile little pouch has made an astounding return to the world and is blatantly ignoring its old stigma as a “fashion don’t”. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors and then to add the cherry to the sundae, personalize it with a custom imprint. Fanny packs are great gift ideas. Hiking, biking, walking, theme parks, music festivals, going to the beach or going shopping. These are all great places to use a fanny pack. Own a business and want a great giveaway that people will use? Promotional fanny packs give your company visibility. Most fanny packs offer a large imprint area on the front pocket which allows your company logo or message an amazing amount of impression opportunities.

As the wheels of time continue to turn, we will see more and more crazy trends that will come and go. From the return of hippie clothes from the 1970’s to the choker necklace of the 1990’s, fashion is as unpredictable as the stock market or the weather. As far as recent returning trends, we personally welcome the return of the fanny pack and wish it continued success. This is one item we hope sticks around for a while.

Special Notice for shipments to the state of California