Beer Buckets

Personalized beer buckets with the name of your bar or restaurant printed on the sides of the beer bucket. A custom printed beer bucket is a great giveaway for your next promotional and a great way to sell multiple beers at one time. A custom printed beer bucket is a great take home promotional items after patrons buy a beer special with 5-6 beers in a bucket. The beer buckets with your logo will be used over and over when your customers take the buckets home and they will continue to market for your establishment.
Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass. Help your customers to never have this fear by offering beer buckets! I mean why have just one beer, when you could have a bucket? Promotional beer buckets allow your restaurant, bar, or lounge to sell more beer. Beer bucket specials are very popular among bars and restaurants. You can choose from plastic, polyester or metal buckets. Reuse the buckets or give them away to your customers, either way, your company is promoted. Promotional beer buckets are cost effective and fun! Delight your customers with brightly colored buckets filled with ice-cold cerveza! Beer buckets usually fit 5 or 6 beers in them but there are buckets that can fit 12. Shop now for the beer buckets your customers will love!