They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have the same purpose, to get that pesky cork out of the way so you can get to the good stuff behind it.......the wine!!! Enjoying a glass of wine is the perfect way to slow down from the busy day but there is nothing more disconcerting than an unopened bottle of wine and no corkscrew to be found!! Don't let your friends, family or customers ever have to experience this dreadful dilemma, giveaway personalized corkscrews from Perfect Imprints! Personalized corkscrews engraved with your custom logo or imprint make great Christmas gifts and also perfect giveaways for wine tastings and formal events. Choose your custom wine openers or personalized wine keys from many different corkscrew styles to fit any budget. By giving away custom corkscrews, you are sure to give away a gift that will stick around with your customer for years to come. Perfect Imprints has many different styles of corkscrew including automatic, waiter style, butterfly and bunny ears. Shop now for the perfect custom corkscrew to giveaway during your next promotion.
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As low as: $3.89
Keeping a stash of custom branded corkscrews with your bar or restaurant logo is a great giveaway for your patrons, but also handy tools to open bottles of wine.