Custom clipboards are great promotional items that will be kept by the recipients because of the usefulness of a clipboard. You can print your personalized imprint on the custom clipboard. The large imprint area allows for lots of printed information and a large logo imprint. A personalized clipboard is a great item for employees to use around the office too. You can have a personalized imprint added to the custom clipboard on the clip or on the board or both! Personalized clipboards are great for medical clinics, teachers, and for any offices. Personalized clipboards are one of those types of items that tend to stick around the office for years giving your promotional message plenty of exposure to those using the clipboards.
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Promotional clipboards are excellent and often necessary items for medical clinics, hospitals, and other offices that require their customers to fill out paperwork. Other offices could includes power companies, water and sewer providers, cable providers, and phone companies. It's never a pleasant situation to attempt to fill out paperwork by resting the paper on your leg with no clipboard. Many waiting rooms don't have tables or desks to use when filling out paperwork, so that makes clipboards an essential item!

Business and Organizations Who Need custom Clipboards

  • Hospitals - Print protocols and "cheet sheets" on the clipboards for constent patient care.
  • EMS Services - Paramedics are on the go and always need a hard surface to write on when filling out patient care reports.
  • Sports Teams - Good coaches are always taking notes.
  • Schools - Teachers rarely get to sit at their desks, so a clipboard comes in handy when darting around the classroom or hallways.
  • Government Entities - There's no shortage of paperwork to fill out at govenment agencies. Whether it's for a license plate, driver license, or tax-related issues, there's paperwork galore.
  • Doctor Offices - You know there's a 10-page packet of information you have to fill out when you visit the doctor. Be sure to answer that question about whether or not your Great, Great Aunt of Your Uncle-In-Law suffered from diabetes.
  • Utitity Service Providers - When establishing new services for power, water, sewer, phone, or cable, you guessed it...there is more paperwork to fill out. Clipboards are essential here and a great way to promote your additional services.

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