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There are hundreds of genres of music available from heavy metal to soft rock to classical and even bluegrass. Music is very important to most and can have a profound influence in our lives. Music can have some amazing benefits on our health as well. Many studies have shown throughout the years that music can have an impact on us both mentally and physically. Turn on your favorite jams and check out the list below for some of the many benefits music can have on your health!   

10 Benefits Music Can Have On Your Health

~ Music Increases Happiness - Listening to happy and upbeat music can elevate a person’s mood and make them feel happy.

~ Music Increases Verbal Intelligence - How are your linguistic abilities? Listening to a variety of music genres can increase a person’s verbal skills tremendously. Studies have shown that babies who listen to a variety of music in their early years, start talking earlier than those who don’t and tend to have a larger vocabulary.

~ Music Improves Your Performance While Working Out - This one should come as no surprise; a good beat will move your feet! Finding your groove at the gym can sometimes be a challenge. It is difficult to get motivated and stay that way in order to get a good workout in. The solution is a great playlist!!

~ Music Improves Memory and Cognitive Function - Memorizing song lyrics is a fantastic way to keep a sharp memory. Songs typically contain 3 verses and a twice or even three times repeated chorus. That plus the key and the melody and you have got a memorizing workout on your hands.  

~ Music Makes You a Happier Driver - “No one knows how to drive!!!” This sentence (and variations of it with more eccentric words) are one’s we have all spoken. Driving can be a very stressful activity but studies show listening to music can make you a happier driver.  

~ Music Reduces Depression - Now this is contingent on the song you decide to listen to. There is certainly music that will make everything seem worse. Happy music however, can reduce depression.

~ Music Can Help You Sleep Better - A little classical music or some slow jazz before bed can help you fall asleep faster and experience a more restful sleep overall. Turn the T.V. off and turn the soft music on and you will be out before you know it.

~ Music Can Reduce Anxiety - Feel like you are going to have a nervous breakdown over your big presentation for work or feeling like you have too much on your plate? Music can help take that terrible feeling away. Anxiety can be reduced with a good musical selection.

~ Music Can Help You Eat Less - Listening to music throughout the day can help you to eat less and to eat slower which is better for your digestive system. Studies have shown when we listen to music we tend to eat less calories and we will eat slower.

~ Music Can Boost Your Immune System - Feeling bad lately? A little run down and tired? Feel like you may be getting a cold even? Well music may be the remedy! Music can boost your immune system and help to fight off bacteria and infections.

~ Music Can Motivate You to Move - Silence can be golden, but if you need to get up and get moving music is the key! Music can motivate you to shake, shimmy, slide, jump, bop, wiggle, and any other variation thereof. Movement throughout the day can make us happier and healthier overall. 

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