Foam Fingers

Foam Fingers and Hands

Custom foam fingers and hands are great spirit items to cheer on your sports team. Choose from our large assortment of various shaped foam hands and foam finger cheering accessories to show your school spirit. These foam fingers and foam hands are great for booster club fundraising. Whether you choose a giant foam finger, or a foam claw or talon, these custom foam cheering fingers will really help generate team spirit. These imprinted foam hands can be personalized with your custom mascot and make great spirit items to sell to the crowd.

Foam Fingers Are #1

A cheap #1 foam finger can make a great for giveaway while the giant foam fingers are great for selling to the fans. If you want to raise some funds for your booster club or your school, selling custom printed foam fingers is a great fundraiser. While the #1 Foam Hands are the top selling options, here are the Top 10 Selling Foam Hands and their Meanings! Choose from dozens of different foam hands or even foam claws to best match your school mascot. If you can't find the shape you want, we can create a customized shape for you with a minimum order as low as 250 pieces. See how foam fingers are made in this short video. If you plan on selling foam fingers for fundraising, be sure to check out our Guide for Buying Custom Foam Fingers.

The now iconic “We’re Number 1” custom foam finger is ubiquitous as sporting events all across America. It’s impossible not to imagine going to a major sporting event and not seeing at least one foam finger waving in the crowd, from a number one fan, but even that, custom foam fingers have made their way into other media, like movies as props when they want to show how much a character likes a sports team.

So, it’s safe to say that custom foam fingers are a terrific investment in the world of sports memorabilia. Fans and customers will be motivated to receive them for free, and are even willing to pay for them at stadium gift shops. 

Are you considering buying custom foam fingers for your organization? Check out our Complete Guide to Custom Foam Fingers. (Currently has a coupon code on it)

Custom Foam Fingers Are Great For:

  • Major League Sports
  • College and High School Sports Teams
  • Sports Bars
  • Miscellaneous Events

Major League Sports

Fan Appreciation Days

Whether it’s a regular season game or the playoffs, custom foam fingers are fun items for fans to receive. Not only do they increase team brand recognition, but they’re more durable than cardboard signs, especially in stadiums where the roof is open and humidity, rain, or even snow might come in. 

Free with Purchase of Tickets

Season ticket holders are often the most dedicated fans of the team. Every major league team looks for ways not only to show their appreciation, but to entice their biggest fans to buy their seats early. In that way, custom foam fingers are a no-brainer to offer as a free gift with the purchase of season tickets or even playoff tickets. Help your fans be better fans with the custom foam finger from their favorite team.

Sell in Stadium Gift Shops

Not only are these coveted as fan appreciation gifts or free with purchase items, but custom foam fingers drive demand in stadium gift shops. Make sure they’re accessible to your team’s fans. 

College and High School Sports Teams


There’s not a high school or college team that doesn’t have a need to do fundraising to offset the expense to its teams for uniforms, equipment, or travel expenses. Custom foam fingers make one of the cheapest investments for fundraising, that have a high return on investment and are a popular item to purchase to show the team support.

Fan Giveaways at Playoff and Bowl Games

Just like with professional sports teams, if you’re lucky enough to make it into the playoffs or to a Bowl game, make sure you show your biggest fans your appreciation with their own custom foam finger. Or, make sure you have plenty on hand to sell for the big event!

Sports Bars

Grand Openings

Are you looking for a unique way to introduce your new sports bar to your hometown? Have you considered handing out custom foam fingers? Whether you’re partnering with a local high school or college team, or just handing them out free to the first 100 that come in the door, a custom foam finger makes a great introduction to a group of people that love them

Major League and College Events

Chances are, if you have a sports bar in any major city or college town, you’ve got competition. How do you make sure your seats are filled for the big game or tournament? Consider custom foam fingers as the enticement to get people in the door. The keychains and smaller foam fingers are the perfect size for customer giveaways with a drink or appetizer order!

Life and Family Events

From weddings to birthday parties, to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, we’ve created custom foam fingers for every major life event you can think of - and probably some you couldn’t even imagine. Many of these events are designed with a custom designed foam finger in mind, which we’re happy to work with you to design. 

Band Merchandise

As music becomes “free” with streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, musicians and bands must find creative and unique ways to merchandise their brand, especially during concerts. Foam fingers are perfect for fans to wave in the middle of a concert to show they’re the number one fan, and they’re a perfect memento of a fun night out watching their favorite band or musician. 

Political Rallies and Conventions

If you’ve ever been to a political rally, you’re more than likely familiar with the branded cardboard signs that are given out to be held up. You may even be familiar with these signs if you’ve watched any of the major political parties and their conventions on TV during an election year. 

While the signs are great and they get the message out, custom foam fingers offer a different take on the political sign that allow supporters to show their enthusiasm during a rally or a speech in a unique and fun way. 


Types of Custom Foam Fingers

  • Number One Finger
  • High 5
  • “W” for Winner
  • Shaka or Hang Loose
  • “V” for Victory
  • Small or Large Thumbs Up
  • Love
  • Hook ‘Em Horns
  • Small or Large Paws
  • Facebook “Like” Thumbs Up
  • Thumbs Down
  • Middle Finger

Number One Finger

The Number One Finger is the most iconic of the custom foam fingers. When you think about the items you see at sporting events, you’re most likely thinking of the Number One. 

It’s so popular, that there are several sizes for even budget to choose from:












High 5

With two different choices available, the High 5 design, is exactly what it sounds like, four fingers and a thumb, ready to give everyone nearby a high 5 while cheering on their favorite team.

“W” for Winner

The “W” for Winner custom foam fingers are perfect for playoff games. 

Shaka or Hang Loose

Cowabunga dude! The shaka or “hang loose” hand sign is used as a gesture of friendly intent, perfect for surfing competitions or sporting events on the West Coast. 

“V” for Victory

Start the season off right, with a “V” for Victory sign as fans encourage their team to win from the start of the first game until the final score of the last game.

Small or Large Thumbs Up

Made popular by movie critics, the “thumbs up” custom foam hands come in small or large sizes.


Spelling out the first letters of American Sign Language, the “I Love You” is meant to show passion for a favorite team. 

Hook ‘Em Horns

The University of Texas began the tradition of using this hand sign to symbolize Beto, their mascot, a Texas Longhorn, but the hook ‘em horns sign has grown in popularity across the United States. 

Small or Large Paws

These are the perfect custom foam fingers for any school or major sports team that has a mascot that has “paws”. 

Facebook “Like” Thumbs Up

Social media is taking over everywhere - even when it comes to custom foam finger swag gifts. Emulating the most popular social media network, the Facebook “Like’ Thumbs Up mimics Facebook’s own icon. 

Thumbs Down

Want to show the other team how you feel about them winning? Or, if you’re at a political rally and want to show how you feel about the opposing side’s view point? The thumbs down is the perfect foam custom finger for that.

Middle Finger

Whether it’s sports or politics related, there are definitely strong feelings out there where this custom foam finger is perfect for use. 

Custom Designed Foam Fingers

Want a custom shaped foam finger, but don’t see it on our website? We can create custom shaped foam fingers that are unique to your team or organization but there is a nominal initial die charge for custom designed foam fingers. To give you a more accurate quote, we will need to know the overall hand size you want to create, the outline of the shape, and the quantity you wish to order. 

Contact us now to get started on your quote. (link to contact page)

So many options, but still unsure of which one to choose? Check out our Top 10 Most Popular Foam Hands and Their Meanings blog post.

How Custom Foam Fingers Are Made

Our CEO, Patrick Black, had the opportunity to tour one of our preferred manufacturers of foam fingers and film some videos of how custom foam fingers are made:

Imprint Method

Due to the nature of the material, imprint methods on custom foam fingers is limited to screen printed, both one color and full color, and stock print. 

Production Time

While we have a variety of production time to meet holidays schedules, we recommend contacting at a minimum of three weeks away from your in-hands date to ensure a timely delivery and to avoid any additional rush fees. 

  • 7 to 14 Working Days
  • 10 to 16 Working Days
  • 15 to 20 Working Days
  • Rush Service
  • Holiday Delays

Rush Service

We do offer rush service on our custom foam fingers. Because a number of major sporting events take place around the holidays and the first part of the year, we want to remind you that rush service can be limited at the end of the year, due to our factories working at capacity to fulfill holiday orders and shipping services being inundated with holiday packages, as well.

Holiday Delays

We want to make sure that your custom foam fingers arrive in time for the event. We experience a high influx of orders at the holiday season and shipping companies are working over capacity during the holiday season.

We want to make sure your orders are handled promptly, so please reach out immediately if you’re working with a tight deadline, especially in the last part of the year. To ensure delivery, please make sure you’re considering production time and shipping time to meet your in hands date. 

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment your perfect custom beach ball event takes place. We’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Contact us today to get started on your perfect custom beach ball order. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5 PM CT.

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