Mini Footballs

Mini footballs are one of the most popular school spirit items at virtually any football game, whether middle school, high school, or college. The promotional mini footballs can be printed with your school mascot, business sponsors, or both and are commonly thrown out into the crowd by the cheerleaders with each score or after a huge play. Choose your miniature footballs from either plastic, vinyl, or foam footballs in a variety of miniature sizes with your custom imprint. These printed promotional footballs are also great items to sell in your school spirit store to help raise money for your booster club. It's easy to raise money for your football team by selling sponsorships to local businesses and having their logo printed on mini footballs to be thrown into the crowd. The sponsorship helps to pay for the footballs and the extra money left over can be used by the team to buy new uniforms, practice equipment, and help pay for travel expenses incurred during a typical football season.
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Football is the most popular sport in the United States. That's why football spirit items are the biggest sellers when it comes to school spirit items. The football games that are the most memorable require two components: 1) a great game and 2) fans with plenty of team spirit. Football spirit items are the best way to get your fans cheering loudly and more often. Stadium noisemakers such as thundersticks, megaphones, cowbells, and stadium horns are great items to equip your fans with so they can cheer for their favorite team as well as make some noise to distract the opposing team. Additionally, school spirit items are excellent for generating funds for your team or school. Nearly any item printed with your team mascot or school name can be sold in your booster club store to raise money for new team equipment, field maintenance, travel expenses, or new uniforms. Popular items for the football stadium include stadium seat cushions, pom poms, mini footballs, rally fans, team apparel, and full-size footballs. Other items that are great to sell in between games to promote team spirit include yard signs, schedule magnets, key chains, mini sports balls, and sports bottles.