Custom Mini Basketballs

Choose from many different custom mini basketballs including vinyl, rubber, and premium leather balls. These promotional mini basketballs can have your team mascot or business logo printed on the basketball. These basketball spirit items are great to generate team spirit from your fans. Custom mini basketballs are great giveaways for the end of the season gifts to the players, sponsors, and volunteers. Mini basketballs are also a great way to promote your business at basketball games. Simply buy the balls with your company logo printed on them and donate to the cheerleaders to throw out to the crowd after big plays, slam dunks, and during timeouts and half-time. If you are looking for the lowest priced mini basketballs, go with plastic. The most popular miniature basketballs are made of vinyl. If your budget is larger or if you are selling them as a fundraiser for your booster club or school organization, the foam mini basketballs are a great option. We also offer the mini signature basketballs when you have autograph sessions after the game.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The sport is full of excitement with amazing plays, impressive dribbling, long distance shots, and slam dunks. Whether your basketball team is a middle school, high school, or college team, mini basketballs are the perfect giveaways for your fans. Basketball fans love to go home with a souvenir and mini basketballs are fun souvenirs to get while at the game. You can opt for giving away mini basketballs that are made out of plastic or vinyl or you can go for the premium mini basketballs that are made out of foam, rubber, or synthetic leather. The premium balls are great to sell at the games to raise money for your team or club. Scheduling an autograph session for the team or arranging for a famous NBA player to be available during half-time or after the game is a great time to sell the mini signature basketballs to fans to have autographed. And why stop at just the mini basketball? Perfect Imprints has complete sets that include a mountable mini basketball hoop and mini basketball. Everyone who works in an office would love one of the sets! Mini basketballs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose a 7" Red, White and Blue Mini Basketball to celebrate the 4th of July, or how about a Glow-In-The-Dark mini basketball for fun night-time play. There is a mini basketball for almost every occasion. Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Never fear, Perfect Imprints is here to help you create the mini basketball of your dreams!!
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