Stadium Cushions

Stadium Seat Cushions

Personalized stadium seat cushions with your custom logo imprint. The stadium cushion can be imprinted with sponsors on the front or back and used as fundraisers for schools and athletic booster clubs. These custom printed stadium seat cushions have a large imprint area for lots of sponsors. Choose from many different sizes and styles of stadium cushions. We can print your custom mascot or logo on the stadium cushion and you can sell the cushions to help raise money for your team or booster club. Stadium cushions are great for not only football, but also baseball, volleyball, soccer, or basketball teams. Are you wondering, "What is the best fundraiser for your booster club?" If so, look no further than stadium seat cushions. You can sell sponsorships to local businesses and have their logos printed on the seat cushions which can cover the cost of the stadium cushions, plus some extra profit. You can print up to 24 business logos on your stadium seat cushions. After you have the money to pay for the cushions, you can sell them at games. The money that you make from selling the seat cushions at your football or basketball game is pure profit for your club, plus the additional money left over from the sponsorships. Selling custom bleacher cushions is one of the best fundraisers any group or club can do.
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $2.31
Minimum Order: 120
As low as: $8.99
Minimum Order: 50
As low as: $11.05
Minimum Order: 24
As low as: $59.24
Minimum Order: 40
As low as: $19.03
Minimum Order: 18
As low as: $85.72
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $10.73
Minimum Order: 36
As low as: $23.86

A few years ago, I accompanied my Dad to a football game at our city’s local university in the newly built stadium.  As an alumnus of the school, when our local NFL team was in the slumps, he had purchased season tickets for the team for a few years.  The desire to ask me to attend was mixed with guilt that my sister and her husband had accompanied him to many games and the fact that he simply had exhausted a list of possible people to attend with him.  So, his decision was equal parts wanting to be more fair to me, by offering me a ticket and a desire to have someone to go with, so that the tickets did not get wasted, as he did not enjoy going on his own.

On our way there, he mentioned that he should have asked my sister and her husband for their stadium seat cushions. I didn’t think anything of it.  Stadium seats might make things a bit uncomfortable, but it was a beautiful day with near perfect weather and, even though I’m not a big football fan I was getting to spend time with my Dad. 

When we got there, we saw other season ticket holders spreading their custom stadium seats on the bleachers. And, by the first kick-off, I realized why stadium seat cushions were so popular.  The beautiful day I was enjoying, was great while the sun was high in the sky, but as it started to set, the evening cooled down and the metal I was sitting on, became colder and colder.  Not only that, but my back started aching.  I became more fidgety as the half time show melded into the 3rd quarter and my concentration on the game nearly lost, which, as someone that didn’t regularly follow football I needed to figure out what was going on down the field. 

It wasn’t long before I realized the value in the stadium seat cushions and why my Dad was bummed to have forgotten to ask our family to borrow them for the game we were going to watch together. 

If you’re considering launching a fundraiser for your school, don’t make the mistake my Dad did and leave out custom stadium seat cushions.  Custom stadium seat cushions can be purchased directly from a booster club or with the help of a sponsor and provide a terrific way to raise money for a team’s expenses that include travel, room and board, and equipment expenses.  If you get a commitment to purchase prior to the order, you’ve already won half the battle. 

Custom Stadium Seat Cushions Are Great For:

College And Universities

Junior High and High Schools

College and Universities

Gift Shops and Stadiums Shops

Whether you’re at your local alma matter’s gift store for the university or your college’s stadium shop, making custom stadium seat cushions available for fans of your athletic program are a must. 

You can also reach out to your season ticket holders and offer them a discount on the purchase of a custom stadium seat cushion to give them an added value for purchasing their season ticket within a certain amount of time. 

Sorority and Fraternity Fundraisers

Sororities and Fraternities are responsible for some of the strongest alumni organizations at colleges and universities across the United States.  Not only are former members loyal to their universities, but they are loyal to their sorority or fraternity, offering them a unique opportunity to use custom stadium seat cushions on the college level to fundraise. 

Junior High and High Schools

Any sports program at any junior high or high school in the U.S. is dependent upon its ability to fundraise.  Stadium cushions offer a unique solutions to parents that want to support their child or children, by providing something that makes the experience more enjoyable for them. 

Junior High and High School Booster Clubs can benefit even more by finding a sponsor in the local community willing to purchase the seats on their behalf so they can sell them. 

Types of Custom Stadium Seat Cushion

We offer a large selection of custom stadium seat cushions to choose from, including:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Foldable
  • 2 Thick
  • 7/8” Thick

Custom Stadium Seat Cushion Designs

Here at Perfect Imprints, we offer the opportunity to design your own custom stadium seat cushion.  For example, say your mascot is a jaguar or a panther - a custom stadium seat cushion in the shape of a paw will sell out faster, because of the unique design and the limited supply.  Take your fundraisers to the next level with your own design. 

Custom Stadium Seat Cushion Materials

  • Vinyl
  • Non-Woven Polypropylene
  • Polyester


When you think of custom stadium seat cushions, you’re likely thinking of vinyl covered seat cushions.  Vinyl cushions tend to be water-resistant and are the thicker options available. 

Non-Woven Polypropylene

If you’re confused about what type of material this is, the most common use for it is in reusable grocery bags.  Budget friendly, with a a great surface to print on, these will be the lower priced cushions available. 


Few things are worse than sitting on vinyl on a hot day.  As these come available they are more popular than the vinyl cushions because they are more comfortable.

For more information about the different materials available or to find out the difference in size and thickness, please see our Stadium Seat Buying Guide.

Imprint Method

  • Full Color
  • Screen Print
  • Screen Print | Heat Transfer
  • Screen Print | Heat Transfer Full Color
  • Silkscreen

Production Time

Our custom stadium seat cushions are available in a variety of production times:

  • 3 to 5 Working Days
  • 5 Working Days
  • 7 Working Days
  • 10 Working Days
  • 10 to 15 Working Days
  • Rush Service
  • Holiday Delays

Rush Service

Is football season coming up and you forgot to place your order!?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a number of options available to you that offer rush service available so you can still be the hero of the Booster Club and fellow parents everywhere. 

Holiday Delays

Luckily, most orders of custom stadium seat cushions are placed in the summer or early fall, making holiday delays a moot point.

However, if your fundraiser was a hit or if you need to place an order for upcoming seasons of different sports and that falls during the holiday season, please be mindful that your order may take longer to process, as our factories are running at capacity during the 4th quarter of the year.

Additionally, while we may be able to process your order within the same time frame, shipping companies are often inundated with a high volume during the holiday season, as well. 

While shipping delays are out of our hands, so if you have a tight deadline please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to meet your in hands date.

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment your perfect custom beach ball event takes place.  We’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Contact us today to get started on your perfect custom beach ball order. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5 PM CT.

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