Cooling Towels

Cooling towels have become extremely popular to keep you cool while attending outdoor events such as company picnics, outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, and other outdoor venues. These custom cooling towels are printed with your logo and they can be reused over and over again to continually expose your company logo to everyone around. To use your promotional cooling towels, simply wet the towel and waive it around in the air to cause evaporation of the water which causes the towels to get icy cold. Then just keep the towel draped around your neck to keep your cool while in the hot outdoors. Choose from several cool towel sizes as well at the popular Frogg Toggs brand.
As low as: $15.00
As low as: $2.99
As low as: $9.59
As low as: $9.60
As low as: $1.55
As low as: $3.59
Custom cooling towels are great items to sell at your outdoor festivals, concerts, and sports games when it's hot. Simply dip them in water for those who buy them to help them stay cool throughout the event or game. Not only will your attendees stay cool, but you can raise money in the process.