Bulk Pedometers

Show your customers your company cares about their health and well-being by purchasing personalized pedometers as giveaways. Promotional exercise equipment with your personalized custom logo imprint are great giveaways for gyms, fitness centers, rehab facilities, hospitals, doctor offices, and fitness equipment sales companies. Promote a healthy change in your employees by giving away these promotional pedometers and starting a step challenge to motivate and encourage them. These personalized pedometers are for sale in bulk with your company logo, personal message or anything else you want to be imprinted. Make a change for the better this year with Perfect Imprints selection of promotional pedometers.

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When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, fitness is crucial. Many people find it difficult to fit time into their week to get to the gym. An amazing tool that can be utilized by those busy bees is the pedometer. A pedometer tracks every step you take in the day. Wearing a pedometer can help to motivate you to move more in your day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in a spot farther away from the store front, are both ways to add those few extra steps into your day. Every step counts and helps toward your overall health and fitness. Many studies show, wearing a pedometer daily encourages people to be more active, challenging yourself to take more and more steps every day. Although this point is debated among experts, a total of 10,000 steps per day or 5 miles is recommended as part of your active and healthy lifestyle. Pedometers are great giveaways for businesses as well. Pedometers and other health and fitness items, show that your company cares about its customer?s wellbeing. Pedometers come in a variety of styles from ones you clip on your belt to ones you wear on your wrist. Some pedometers have additional features built-in to them to go along with the step tracker. Sleep monitors, heart rate monitors, safety whistles, and AM/FM radio are some of the extra features you can find in our great selection of promotional pedometers. We even have a promotional golf watch that is programed with the layout of over 30,000 golf courses worldwide, that when paired with your smartphone gives you accurate front, middle, and back yardage to the green, all while tracking your steps and helping you to burn calories! From the busy bee lifestyle that tries to cram exercise in at the office, to the avid runner, and even the leisurely golfer, promotional pedometers are an amazing tool that can help to motivate you and those around you into more active and healthy living, one step at a time. Perfect Imprints wants to help get you and your customers moving. Shop our assortment of promotional pedometers to find the right one for you or call us at 1-800-773-9472.
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