Beach Towels

Custom beach towels personalized with your company logo are excellent giveaways for your next beach themed event. Promotional beach towels are useful and will continue to market your business for years to come. Choose from our large variety of beach towels. Because there is so much variance in the weight, size, and feel of the fabric, we highly recommend that you purchase a beach towel sample prior to placing large orders for towels. We suggest that you narrow down your choices to just 2 or 3 personalized beach towels that look right for your project and order samples to examine the size, feel, and weight. When shopping for towels, the higher the weight per dozen, the thicker the towels will be. In general, any towels named "promotional beach towels" will be thinner, give away type towels as opposed to the premium, thicker beach towels. Please call a Perfect Imprints custom service specialist with any questions If you are a beach hotel or resort, having custom printed towels to sell in your gift shop can be a great source of revenue and an excellent way of branding your resort.
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As low as: $28.20
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As low as: $21.95
As low as: $26.75
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As low as: $21.95
As low as: $26.75

Custom beach towels personalized with your business or resort logo are excellent premium giveaways. A good quality beach towel is a gift recipients will keep for many years, reminding them of your establishment each time they use. Additionally, each time they spread out their towel at their beach or favorite water park, your logo is proudly displayed to the hundreds of other visitors around that towel. Personalized beach towels come in many different weights, which determine its quality. The heavier weights are higher quality and thus higher price. The lower weights are thinner and considered promotional weights, whcih are great for giveaways in higher quantities when budget is limited. Most often, the mid-weight towels are a perfect blend of quality and pricing to make the perfect gifts.

A great opportunity for resorts, gift shops, and beach supply stores is selling branded beach towels. Tourists love to buy souvenirs of their vacations to bring home and beach towels with the name of the destination is a great memento they will use for years afterward. When buying beach towels to sell in your shop, be sure to go with the heavier weight towels, since most people want a thicker towel. The thicker towels absorb more water than the thinner towels.

For more information about beach towels, read through our Buying Guide for Custom Beach Towels before making your decision. In this guide, we show the various sizes, weights, and decoration methods.