Custom Frisbees

Go Long!!! Perfect Imprints has promotional frisbees that are personalized with your custom logo or imprint. These personalized frisbees are great for any outdoor events. Custom printed flying discs are great for businesses in a beach town or businesses with a beach theme. Promotional toys always make great giveaways for both kids and adults. Inspire everyone to get up, get out and get active! Make your next corporate picnic one they will never forget and have a distance competition or have it at night and use a Glow-In-The-Dark Frisbee. Our frisbee selection is made with high-quality materials that will hold up when used again and again. Shop now before these great deals fly away! While the most common name for these flying discs is simply "frisbee," it's important to note the flyers shown below are not Frisbee brand flying discs. If you want Frisbee brand flying discs, contact us for details.

See Our 3 Favorite Custom Frisbees

These flying discs that so many children and adults play with were first produced in 1957. It all started back in 1871 when William Frisbie opened up the Frisbie Pie Company and customers (mainly university students) began throwing the empty pie tins and yelling "Frisbie" as they tossed the pie tins. Eventually, a plastic version was created by Wham-O (a toy company) and the Frisbee was born. Fast forward and now there are hundreds of manufacturers of similar aerodynamic discs. They are now marketed by various companies as flyers, flying discs, flying saucers, and other similar names, but the one name that competitors can't seem to shake is "Frisbee."

Special Notice for shipments to the state of California