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Custom Lip Balm

A wide array of personalized lip balm and chapstick with your custom imprint printed in full color on label. Flavor choices include cherry, mint Beeswax, tropical, citrus, pomegranate, very berry, and wonder-mint as well as non-flavored moisture lip balm. Also available is personalized lip balm on a leash which is a custom lip balm in a neoprene holder with a hook. The personalized Chapstick on a leash is a great and useful promotional item that is sure to hang around. If you are looking for a great winter give away, then look no further than custom lip balm. The labels can be printed on your personalized lip balm in full color and promote your business all winter.
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $5.53
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $1.89
Minimum Order: 200
As low as: $1.60
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.27
Minimum Order: 400
As low as: $1.23
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $0.76
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $0.62
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.05
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $3.27
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.71
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.60
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.05
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.22
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $0.90
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $4.74
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.22
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.54
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.67
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $2.64
Minimum Order: 200
As low as: $1.44

Every year, I go to a trades show in Las Vegas. And every year, my lips get incredibly dry. And every year, I don’t notice until I practically want to cry out, “I wish I remembered to pack lip balm!” And then — like magic — I look down at the lanyard around my neck that is holding my trade show badge, and I nearly burst into tears when I remember there is a lip balm ON the lanyard, hooked on in a neoprene holder, by the smartest company at the trade show. (If you think that’s dramatic, clearly you’ve never been to the desert!)

That company knows that lip balm is one of the most forgotten items when people are traveling. They know that people at a trade show are often busy, dehydrated, and not eating their very best. So of course they typically need something as important as lip balm! Why wouldn’t you want to get in on that and give out personalized lip balm, whether it’s to every attendee as a show sponsor or in a bowl or jar at your booth?

Plus, starting at just $0.59 and going as low as BLANK, lip balm is one of the most cost effective promotional items you can give out. Even better, these items are small, so even 1,000 of them is inexpensive to ship and super easy to transport if your even is a trade show, a roadshow, or even just an offsite event.

Custom chapstick are one of the best items when you need many items that are valuable and useful to your audience. They are high-impact marketing giveaways that you definitely want to include in your next promotion.

Plus the great thing about custom lip balms is they are an item that can be used all year long — winter, spring, summer, or fall promotions. They are also an item that can be used for a variety of promotions, like trade shows and health fairs to resorts, fitness centers, and more.

Custom Lip Balm Is Great For:

  • Trade Shows
  • Health Fairs and healthcare giveaways
  • Resorts
  • Fitness Centers
  • Gift Shops
  • Community Fairs
  • Retail

Trade Shows

If you include a jar or bowl of branded chapstick at your booth for your customers and prospects to grab to use themselves at the show or to bring home after, you are making a smart decision. It’s an item that gets hundreds to uses, both at the show and in every day life. Each use is an opportunity for an impression, whether it is by the recipient or the people around them. They might even give them to friends and family — extending your brand’s reach even further. Personalized lip balms may be small, but they have a surprisingly large imprint area for their size and they can include your logo, a promotional message, a tagline, and beyond. Another amazing way to give out lip balms at trade shows is to include them on the lanyard that everyone in attendance will have around their neck to display their badge at the show. They can fit in a (also branded!) neoprene sleeve and hook right on! You can also include a lip balm in a swag bag or even a beach bag for beach or warm weather-related giveaways.

Health Fairs

Good health includes protecting your skin, and your lips are no exception, making custom lip balm a no-brainer when it comes to health fair giveaways. They were practically made for health fairs. They are easy to transport and store, and they leave a lasting impression with recipients. Include them in a bowl at your table or even insert them into folders packed with promotional or educational information. No one ever, ever throws away a lip balm, and by including your logo, you’re guaranteed to run shotgun in the car or in your recipient’s purse or backpack. Plus they are an item that works across age groups and genders, so you can use them for college health events or corporate health events. What other item is something Gen Z will like as much as Barb from accounting?


Chapstick is often forgotten when people are traveling but it is an item that is definitely needed by people on vacation, so it makes tons of sense to include it in your resort’s promotional products. Branded lip balm with SPF is a great giveaway item to include at check-in — whether it’s in a jar at the front desk, given out with room keys, included in a check-in SWAG bag, or provided in your guest’s room. Your customers can use the lip balm throughout their stay and then tuck it into their carryon for their return trip home — with you to thank!

Fitness Centers

Whether you run a massive gym or a boutique barre studio, personalized lip balm is an amazing giveaway and they have so many uses. They are small and cost-effective, so you an toss a few of them into a welcome kit when someone signs up for your services, or you can hand them out at community events. Include them in bowls in the locker room or front desk for a quick giveaway! Having them readily available will make it easy for your customers or prospects to grab one as a reminder of your brand.

Gift Shops

Cost-effective custom logo sunglasses are an affordable item you can feature in your gift shop. These useful items will be in high-demand — especially if you are a seasonal facility. Custom lip balm in your gift shop can come to the rescue of patrons who forgot their chapstick and then continue as an ongoing promotion of your brand.

Community Giveaways

Throughout the year, towns often have community events street fairs, education fairs, concerts in the park, and other fun activities where local companies — from bars and banks to schools, insurance companies, and even retailers — can put together a small exhibit or table. These events are usually attended by hundreds, if not thousands. So you want to be sure you have a very inexpensive giveaway item with mass appeal. Custom chapstick certainly fits the bill. You can transport them easily and give them out without panicking about how much it is going to cost. By giving out an item that is going to get heavy use, you set yourself up for success throughout the town.


With retail, you can use custom lip balm in a number of ways. Depending on your brand, you can include personalized lip balm in giveaways and SWAG bags, but you can even sell them to your customers! What a win-win! Your customer gets a high quality lip balm and gets to rep their fave brand, and you can make a profit. Ding Ding!

Imprint Method

  • Full Color
  • Pad Print
  • Screen Print
  • Screen Print | Full Color
  • Sublimation

Full Color

Full color printing on your custom lip balm sleeve is a great way to get max coverage on your lip gloss tube. You can print on a wrap or directly onto the tube itself. Available in a variety of styles to show off your logo, graphics, or messaging. You can even coordinate the tube cap with your colors. No detail forgotten!

Pad printing

Pad printing is one the most versatile printing process for printing on three-dimensional objects, like lip balm tubes. Since the silicone pad wraps around or adapts to the shape of the part, it can successfully transfer the image to the part without distorting the image.

Screen Print

Screen printing on lip balm labels allows for high-quality and quick turnarounds. It’s one of the ultimate ways to transfer your logo or messaging to your promo lip balms of choice.

Screen Print | Full Color

You can even choose full color screen printing, which allows for fine details and exceptional multicolor registration. Feel confident knowing your colors will pop with full color screen printing.


Sublimation is the perfect way to print on a neoprene holder that will keep your lip balm snug and help to insure it doesn’t get lost. It’s also a great way to double your promotion’s outreach because you can brand the sleeve AND the lip balm.

Custom Lip Balm Materials

Aloe Vera

We have lip balms made of aloe vera, one of the most moisturizing products available. It’s a material that can be applied to lips all year round. It’s just the right amount of moisture. Not too thick or cakey. It’s like it was built by nature to moisturize your mouth.

Cera Alba (Beeswax)

One of the most buzzed about lip care products (see what we did there?), Cera Alba — or beeswax — as it is commonly known conditions skin like no other. It moisturizes and protects but is lightweight at the same time. It’s incredible.

SPF Lip Balm

Many of our custom lip balms contain SPF, which protect lips — which are naturally sensitive — from the suns harmful rays. Did you know that skin can get sunburned? It can and selecting a lip balm with SPF is a great way to keep your audience protected!

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil)

Infused with cannabis sativa, this custom lip balm not only protects but helps your lips rebuild their natural oil barrier, which prevents the loss of moisture and helps your lips to stay hydrated.

Sunscreen Carabiner and SPF Lip Balm

One of the most genius products out there, this promotional product pairs the dynamic duo of sunscreen AND lip balm in one product. This is great for those of you stuck between this important personal care products OR for those of you who want to provide of one-two punch of protection to your audience. This is a product people will take around with them all season long.

Vitamin E

Goes on smooth while providing your lips with vitamin therapy that keeps lips moist, healthy, and protected. It also helps rebuild and repair. It has antioxidant qualities that helps lips restore damaged cells. Talk about a wonder product!


We have a wide range of flavors from mint, cherry, pomegranate, strawberry, root beer, tropical, bubblegum, Pina colada, vanilla, and even unflavored. This means you have many options to choose from depending on your audience, and every one of them protects brilliantly, regardless of the flavor chosen.

Production Time

Our custom lip balms are available in a variety of production times:

  • 1 Working Day
  • 3 Working Days
  • 5 to 7 Working Days
  • 5 to 10 Working Days
  • 7 Working Days
  • 7 to 10 Working Days
  • 10 Working Days
  • Rush Service
  • Holiday Delays

Rush Service

Is your event coming up and you only just discovered this perfect promotional product!? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a number of options available to you that offer rush service available so you can still be the hero of the event committee and company board.

Holiday Delays

Since lip balm are such a hit year round — and a great winter giveaway — if your event falls during the holiday season, please be mindful that your order may take longer to process, as our factories are running a capacity during the 4th quarter of the year.

Additionally, while we may be able to process your order within the same time frame, shipping companies are often inundated with a high volume during the holiday season, as well.

Since shipping delays are out of our hands, if you have a tight deadline, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to meet your in hands date.

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment your perfect custom lip balm are received with excitement at your event. We’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Contact us today to get started on your perfect personalized lip balm order. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5 PM CT.

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