Looking for a cost effective promotional exercise product that can be used by those of all fitness levels? Promotional resistance bands are the perfect product! Promotional exercise bands are great giveaways for gyms and fitness centers. Giving out personalized resistance bands as a FREE gift upon joining your gym is a great way to promote new memberships.You can choose from several different colors and resistance levels. We offer extra-light, light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy resistance bands. Your logo can be printed on the band in the color of your choice. Resistance bands can be used in a variety of ways and can be included into almost every exercise you are already familiar with. Resistance bands improve strength and flexibility, they require minimal space to store and are extremely portable so you never have to miss a workout no matter where you are. Shop now for the custom exercise bands that are best for you and be sure to check out our Buying Guide for Resistance Bands for everything you need to know when shopping!

Minimum Order: 50
As low as: $4.06
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $4.10
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $2.53
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