Custom Fidget Spinners

Ok the fidget spinner phase in our society may have been a little over done, but that doesn't deny the fact that at one point these were the most popular children's toy to buy. No matter where you go, a gas station, a college/job fair, etc... you will see a fidget spinner on sale. These little three-pronged plastic and metal mechanisms rely on ball-bearings that create an almost frictionless environment for these things to spin for long periods of time. And not only are they fascinating on the science side, but also on the mental side. Fidget Spinners have been deemed stress relievers and help reduce anxiety attacks. Our world is dependent on reliable, satisfying objects to help ease our day, and a fidget spinner holds this responsibility. Not only are they reliable, being made out of plastic and metal, but they are satisfying to the eyes, ears, and everyone around you. At Perfect Imprints, we have a wide selection of all types of fidget spinners. Ours are made out of the highest quality plastic and metals, meaning your fidget spinners will not only be stylish, but reliable as well. Shop Now Today!

Minimum Order: 200
As low as: $1.32
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $2.13

So apparently there are fidget spinners connected to pens... Don't believe me? Well shop at to find out because those are just as baffling to us as they will be to you. Regardless of how weird some products are, we maintain our standards among all our products. Our Fidget Spinner-pens are made only with the highest quality plastics and metals, meaning our products will outshine all of your rival companies. Shop now today!

Special Notice for shipments to the state of California