Despite how many TV shows and movies portray bosses, most of them don't sit around all day and just drink coffee and yell at employees to work harder and faster. Most bosses are fair and hard-working like the rest of the employees of a company. As a matter of fact, there are many duties that a boss has to accomplish that most of the employees have no idea how to do or even that their boss have to do those tasks. A good boss keeps a company running smoothly, efficiently, and profitable. Because of this lack of knowledge about how much work bosses actually have to do, this can lead to strife between supervisors and employees. Boss's Day was created to help strengthen the bond between bosses and their employees. The employees are a pivotal and irreplaceable component of any business; however, no business would run properly without a good boss. Boss's Day is celebrated on October 16 of each year (or the next business day if the 16th falls on a weekend).

There are many ways you can promote Boss's Day within your company for your bosses. Small businesses may only have one boss, while larger corporations likely have dozens of bosses. However you company structure may be, make this a great day for your boss or bosses. Below are a few ideas to celebrate Boss's Day!

Boss's Day Ideas

  • Bring gifts - Just as employees love to receive gifts for a job well-done, so do bosses. Bring chocolates, flowers, gift cards, etc. Go that extra mile and personalize those gifts for your boss based upon his or her likes.
  • Bring Food - Food always improves the mood at an event. Each employee can bring a covered dish, finger foods, or a desert in celebration for Boss's Day. This idea is not only great for the boss, but also for all of the staff!
  • Share some words of appreciation for your boss. They are not robots; they need encouragement just as much as employees.
  • Take the boss out after work for drinks.
  • Have a Sale - If your retail store sells items that would make appropriate Boss's Day gifts, promote a sale on those items and get more people in your store shopping.
  • If your company commonly deals with many important decision makers and bosses from other companies, consider doing giveaways for all of those bosses that are clients of your company. Gifts such as leather portfolios or executive pens are great gifts for executives. Of course, the portfolios should be debossed with your company logo and pens should be engraved with your company name. These types of gifts should be useful for the recipients so they will continue to use these items while keeping your company on the top of their mind for future business dealings.
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Boss's Day is observed on October 16 of each year (or the next working day if the 16th falls on a weekend day). This day was created to help improve the working relations between supervisors and employees. While there is the stigma for bosses to be hard to deal with, unfair, and grouchy, the real truth is that most bosses are hard-working, fair, and deserve to have a special day just for them. There are other countries that celebrate this day as well, such as Australia, India, Ireland, and even Egypt (Dec. 10). Check out these great ideas for giveaways for those great bosses out there!

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