Teachers are responsible for educating doctors, engineers, architects, and all other professions. Without them, there wouldn't be treatment for illnesses, houses built, and there would be no Facebook. Most people don't realize how important teachers are for our society. Getting an education is one of the most important things to do in our lives, and teachers make it happen. They allow us to get as far as we possibly can in life. Without their help, it would be difficult for anyone to get jobs that best suit their interests.

National Teacher Day was started by Whyte Woodridge who in 1944 met with educators and politicians. He was a teacher himself and wanted for there to be a day that celebrates all that teachers do for their students. It didn't become a national holiday, though, until Woodridge wrote Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953. She was able to convince Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day. At first, it was celebrated on the first Tuesday of March until 1985. Later, the first full week in May was established as Teacher Appreciation Week by the National Education Association, with the Tuesday of that week being National Teacher Day.

Most people don't realize how much their teachers do for them. A few great ways for students to show their appreciation is to give them candy with notes attached, give education-related gifts, hanging signs up on every teacher's door with notes from all the students, or using your business to sponsor events and give out school promotional products to promote this important week of recognition! Check out all of the National Teacher Day gifts.

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National Teacher Day is observed on May 5 each year. It started in 1944 when Whyte Woodridge, an Arkansas teacher, decided to meet with education and political leaders. He wanted a day for teachers to receive the recognition they deserve. However, Teacher Day didn't become a national holiday until 1953. Teachers sole job is to teach us and prepare us for our lives in the real world. Without them, it would be difficult for individuals to succeed in life and have a job that supports them.

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