Beach Tote Bags

Custom Beach Tote Bags


Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $5.78
Minimum Order: 50
As low as: $12.63
Minimum Order: 50
As low as: $13.68
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $3.85

What is a promotional item that gets used during some of the most fun times a family can have that is practical, durable, comes in a wide variety of materials and colors to meet your promotion’s unique needs and will get tons of impressions over its lifetime? Custom Beach Tote Bags! Oh, yes! Totes McGoats!

Whether they’re used for a day at the beach, an afternoon at the pool, or even while doing some  leisurely shopping, custom logo beach bags will make a splash with you audience — and will get you noticed.

Of course, promotional items are always a smart choice, but warm weather promo gear gets you extra credit. Every time I’m at the beach, I take notice of how much SWAG surrounds me — logos on koozles, beach balls, frisbees, beach towels, and (you guessed it!) beach totes as far as the eye can see! Functional promotional items get the most use, and custom beach totes will get heavy rotation — always ready to go to a fun outing at a moment’s notice.

Not only will recipients wear them walking to the beach, traipsing the boardwalk, and on display at their seat, they’ll also bring them to outdoor concerts, boat outings, and sunny day shopping trips.

Especially considering the kind of mileage custom beach tote bags will bring to your brand, this product is an affordable choice to get you noticed. But none of these bags have a boring vibe. They’re fun and stylish and something your recipients will want to carry.

So whether they are using them to schlep the day’s essentials like sunscreen and suntan lotion, towels, beach mats, coverups, games for the kids, mom’s latest romance novel, dad’s frisbee or football, the family’s sunglasses, they will be happy to have such an accommodating bag to help them out.

These bags will help you stay top-of-mind every time the bag gets used, and it will pull double-duty by getting passersby to notice your logo and messaging. 


Custom Beach Tote Bags Are Great For:

  • Resorts
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Company Picnics
  • Wedding Gifs
  • Retail Bag
  • Trade Show Bag
  • Restaurants


Imagine if you could give every customer a way to take a trip down memory lane of their favorite resort vacation at a moment’s notice while tempting every person they pass into wanting to come to your gorgeous facility. Pipe dream? Nope, not with a high-quality custom beach tote bag. This gift does double duty — and is the perfect partner for duty-free shops on the trip home! Speaking of gifts, another option is to include a high-quality custom tote bag in your gift shop. That way, guests can pick one up to remember your resort long after the trip ends!

Corporate Events

Imagine gathering several hundred employees for your annual roadshow. You want a gift that’s a dazzler, not a dud, and you also need something that can be used (and enjoyed) by a wide-range of employees. Depending on the product chosen, your gift could be a one hit wonder instead of a show stopper. But if you go with a logoed beach tote, you’re giving them something everyone will appreciate. Everyone can use a sturdy, solid, and stylish bag to take to the beach — young and old, male or female, active or sedentary, folks will clamor for a custom beach bag with your logo on it.


Corporate Gifts

If you aren’t thoughtful in the item you choose to give, corporate gifts can feel disingenuous. That’s why something like a high-quality beach bag makes a standout gift. This gift will be even better if you take it a step further and personalize it for the recipient. Why not include a magazine you know your prospect will like or a fun custom water bottle that will keep drinks cold from sun up to sun down. You can also include a pair of custom branded headphones, a logoed power bank, custom beach towels, and more. And for the ultimate gift, include all of it with a personalized note. You’ll be remembered for a LONG time to come with a gift like that!


Company Picnics

You want the gift at the company picnic to be something that shows your staff how much you appreciate them. Much like corporate events, custom beach totes work well for company picnics because it is an item with a wide range that can be used across the board. Plus it is a gift that will work well if you have a team of 20, an office of 200, or an entire corporate site of 2,000. It’s fantastic for warm weather outings because it will get used right away during an array of summer activities. Take things a step further and pair it with a custom logo beach towel or a custom frisbee (or both!). 


Wedding Gifts

Whether you are doing a destination wedding or nuptials at your longtime chapel, custom beach bags are an amazing addition to your special day. They make a perfect welcome gift for guests checking into a hotel, and are a great way to say thank you. Fill them with essentials like water, local delicacies, a schedule of events, directions, and essentials like custom sunglasses and pain reliever in case things feel a little too bright the morning after the reception. This is a gift that will be appreciated by your guests and will be used for years to come. Another terrific option is to include these as gifts for bridesmaids or bachelorette gifts or bridal shower favors.


Retail Bag

Using a custom beach bag or a tote bag in lieu of a plastic bag is an amazing retail solution on so many levels. First you’ll be doing something great for the environment, and giving your customers an added bonus for shopping at your store. You can put purchased product directly into the custom beach tote to cut back on plastic bags and gift your customers at the same time. Use this giveaway as an incentive to reach a desired purchase level. Or provide the bag as a giveaway for rewards club signups, birthdays, thank you gifts and more.


Trade Show Bags

Once I was at a trade show and a line wrapped curled aisles, twisting and turning around booths, filled with dizzying excitement at what was waiting at the end: a high-quality custom beach tote for the brand exhibiting. It was a real eye-opener of just how desired an item like this is. Use a coveted item like this to drive booth traffic, to encourage information capture, and generate buzz across the show floor. Plus, bags are lighter than many other items, which make them a convenient giveaway item for transporting to shows.



Custom beach bags are a great item for restaurants — especially those near water — to incorporate into encouraging key purchases from their patrons. They make a great incentive to drive gift card purchases or dining ticket spend. Or you can sell them along with custom drink ware and apparel at the register!


Custom Beach Tote Bag Designs

Here at Perfect Imprints, we offer the opportunity to design your own custom promotional beach bag. The design can go beyond your logo. And since a custom beach tote allows for a generous imprint, you can really get creative. For example, you can bring some element of a campaign into the design — from a tagline to custom graphics. Take your event to the next level with your own design.


Custom Beach Tote Bag Materials

  • Cotton Beach Totes
  • Mesh Beach Totes
  • Poly Beach Totes

Cotton Beach Totes

Beach totes have a daunting task. Carry around sunscreen, beach towels, beach reads, magazines, frisbee, water, snacks, — and if kids are involved, a bag needs to carry`a whole family’s essentials. So, it has to be durable and comfortable and look really good doing it. That’s why cotton bas been a beach tote go-to material for so long. We have a range of cotton bags to choose from — from solid colors to patterns to those with stylish handles like leather and nautical-inspired rope. These bags can carry everything, clean up easily, and last for-eh-ver!


Mesh Beach Totes

Mesh is another great material for beach bags. It’s another durable, easy-to-clean material that was pretty much invented for a day at the beach. I mean, c’mon, sand just flows right through it.  We have a variety of mesh options, including some that combine cotton bags with a mesh bottom! We’ve literally thought of everything. With a range of bags, we have multiple sizes and styles to help your custom beach tote bag giveaway make some serious waves.


Polypropylene Beach Totes

Super cost-effective, these tote bags can be used for a range of promotions and will go on and on (and on) after the beach trip ends. They are perfect for bopping around town, grocery shopping, running errands, and more. They will be seen on shoulders far and wide and are often the perfect pairing for your promotion.


Imprint Method

  • Embroidery
  • Screen Print
  • Heat Transfer



Decorating bags with embroidery is one of the oldest methods that was used to imprint logos and messaging onto all kinds of tote bags. Strands of thread in a variety of colors are sewn onto fabric and create an image, text, or a design — or all three. Custom beach bags with embroidered logos have a very beautiful finished product that looks painstakingly recreated and is a marvel of manufacturing.


Screen Print

Custom beach totes offer such a large imprint that you can get really creative with your design and messaging. Many of our bags are printed using screen printing, and it is a method that will work for bags in a range of materials — like cotton, mesh, poly and more. It’s a very versatile method that offers excellent detail. Some of our bags can be printed in a range of methods, but we can guarantee that regardless of the method chosen, your bags will look amazing.


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing uses a heat press to decorate your custom beach tote via a combination of heat and pressure that combine like magic to print your unique message onto your custom bags. It allows for crisp images and quick turnaround!


Production Time

Our custom beach tote bags are available in a variety of production times:

  • 5 Working Days
  • 5 to 7 Working Days
  • 7 Working Days
  • Rush Service
  • Holiday Delays


Rush Service

Is your event coming up and you only just discovered this perfect promotional product!? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a number of options available to you that offer rush service available so you can still be the hero of the event committee and company board.


Holiday Delays

Most orders of custom promotional beach totes are placed in the spring and summer months, but since beach bags are such a hit year round, if your event falls during the holiday season, please be mindful that your order may take longer to process, as our factories are running a capacity during the 4th quarter of the year.

Additionally, while we may be able to process your order within the same time frame, shipping companies are often inundated with a high volume during the holiday season, as well.

Since shipping delays are out of our hands, if you have a tight deadline, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to meet your in hands date.

Here at Perfect Imprints, our goal is to ensure client satisfaction from the moment you contact us to the moment your perfect promotional sunglasses are received with excitement at your event. We’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Contact us today to get started on your perfect custom logo sunglasses order. We’re available by phone, email, or chat during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5 PM CT.

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