Koozie, huggie, cozy, coldy holdy, beer hugger, stubby cooler, bottle jacket. The list goes on and on. The koozie as we call it at Perfect Imprints has been around for a long time. The Koozie is a great promotional product that can be completely customized to fit whatever need you may have. Koozies can be made from a variety of materials including burlap, neoprene, and steel. At Perfect Imprints, we celebrate this wonderful promotional item by offering a huge selection for you to choose from. Personalized koozies and can insulators for every size bottle or can including wine koozies, bottle coozies, can koozies, and beer koozies. Customized koozies are useful items that people never throw away. We can print your personalized drink koozies on both sides and on the bottom, and we can even print your customizable koozies in full color. We offer both Koozie brand and non-Koozie brands for your custom koozies. If you want to change the standard old drink koozie, try a themed can insulator in the shape of something that represents your business or industry. Be sure to check out our unique burlap can insulators.
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Custom Koozies have been a popular marketing item for businesses for years. For many new businesses, the custom koozie is one of the very first promotional products they will invest in. Why are koozies so popular? Here at Perfect Imprints, we feel like the popularity of the custom koozie has a lot to do with their versatility. Koozies can be used for any type of business as a promotion. Rather your business is a restaurant, bar, mechanic shop, jewelry store, or private fishing charter, personalized koozies are a great way to advertise. Koozies can be used for beer, soda, water, energy drinks, or any other beverage type. Custom Koozies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so if your favorite beverage does not come in a standard 12 ounce can you don't have to worry, there is a custom koozie available in whatever size you need. Custom Koozies not only serve to keep your beverage cold, they also keep your hands dry! Part of the reason for the rise in popularity of tumbler style drink containers is the fact that they don't condensate on their exterior walls, meaning your hands stay dry and your beverage stays cold. While tumblers are very nice items, custom koozies will keep your hands dry at a much more affordable cost than custom tumblers. For these and many other reasons, Perfect Imprints has a great selection of custom koozies and we are ready to help you design yours!