Custom Koozies

KOOZIE® Brand Can Coolers, huggie, cozy, coldy holdy, beer hugger, stubby cooler, bottle jacket...the list goes on and on of what people call these useful drink insulators. Can Coolers have been around for a long time. Insulated can coolers are great promotional products that can be completely customized to fit whatever need you may have. They can be made from a variety of materials including burlap, neoprene, and steel. At Perfect Imprints, we celebrate this wonderful promotional item by offering a huge selection for you to choose from. Personalized can insulators for every size bottle or can including wine coozies, bottle coozies, can coozies, and beer coozies. Customized can coolers are useful items that people never throw away. We can print your personalized drink insulators on both sides and on the bottom, and we can even print in full color. We offer both KOOZIE® brand and other similar brand options. If you want to change the standard old drink insulators, try a themed can insulator in the shape of something that represents your business or industry. Be sure to check out our unique burlap can insulators.

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Imagine this scenario you’ve likely experienced.

You’re at an outdoor event during one of the sticky, hot summer months. You grab an ice-cold drink out of the cooler and start talking with friends. Within just a few minutes, your drink is lukewarm and losing its appeal. Not to mention, you’re seeing old friends, meeting new people, and shaking hands with them. To them, your hand feels like a cadaver hand because your drink  has made it so cold. This is an uncomfortable feeling for both of you. 

The solution for both problems is a koozie. Koozies are essentially foam insulators that keep your cold beverages from becoming warm. Read on to learn everything you need to know about buying custom koozies in bulk. 

How Does A Koozie Work? 

Koozies are foam or neoprene sleeves that stop your cold beverages (be it beer, soda, or lemonade) from getting hot. They do this by preventing the formation of condensation on the outside of the bottle, can, or cup. They are perfect for any party, potluck, or backyard get-together. Koozies are definitely worth the price and they make a great souvenir for your guests to take home after the event!

They have been proven to reduce the temperature increase of beverages by up to 50%. By using a koozie, you will reduce the risk of your cold drinks becoming hot and repulsive. 

There are also stainless steel koozies that act as vacuums to keep the cold air inside the beverage. These are discussed in more detail later in this article. 

These, however, are not the only uses for a koozie. Koozies were also designed to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of a cold beverage. By using a koozie while drinking a cold beverage, you will spare your hands from the discomfort of having to hold a wet can or bottle. 

Foam koozies are generally the ones that are most effective when it comes to solving this problem. The foam absorbs the condensation and ensures that your grip on the can or bottle is firm. Koozies—in this way—prevent your can or bottle from slipping from your grasp. 

Can You Use A Koozie For A Hot Drink? 

Unfortunately, koozies are only used for cold drinks. With this in mind, however, many other devices are designed to keep hot beverages hot, with the best option being stainless steel tumblers

Nevertheless, as is the case with most shampoos and conditioners, things designed for multiple purposes are not usually the best solution. Because koozies are designed for cold beverages, you can trust that they will get the job done. 

For example, the most common device that keeps beverages hot is a thermal cup or mug. These use the same principles of insulation to keep the beverage (usually coffee or tea) from getting colder. Koozies, however, are constructed in such a way that keeps cold beverages from heating up. 

What Are Some Different Kinds Of Custom Koozies?

One of the best things about koozies is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some examples of popular koozie options are listed below: 


All of these different types of koozies have the same goal—to prevent cool beverages from heating up. The only difference between all of these options is the shape and design of the material. As can be deduced from the name, beer bottle sleeves are not designed with wine bottles in mind. 

Customized beer bottle sleeves or wine bottle insulators fit around the entire bottle and prevent the contents from heating to room temperature. These are standard koozies that do not require much more of an explanation than that. 

It's possible to determine the uses of the first two types of koozies listed, but what are the next three meant for? We will examine that below: 

1. Slim Can Sleeves

Some koozies can take up too much room when you travel to somewhere like the beach or a park on a hot day. This is exactly why slim can sleeves were designed. These are made of neoprene, rather than foam, to allow the koozie to allow you to easily collapse it and put it away. 

2. Slim Can Koozies

You might ask, "aren't these just the same things as slim can sleeves?" Well, no, actually they are not. Slim can sleeves are designed to be easily collapsable. Slim can koozies—on the other hand—are hard-sided koozies. 

"Hard-sided" simply means that they cannot be folded and stored away. They are fixed and should be used to keep 12-ounce cans cold. They are perfect for beverages like spiked sparkling water. 

3. Vacuum-Insulated Koozies

Typically made from stainless steel, these koozies are designed to be vacuums. We know that, scientifically, vacuums are some of the best types of insulators because they prevent heat conduction through physical contact.  

The fact that the inventors and designers of koozies came up with a long list of different applications of koozies goes to show how focused and committed they are to making sure that your beverages do not conform to room temperature; but, rather, stay cool and refreshing so that your friends and family can enjoy them. 

Where Did Koozies Come From? 

Contrary to what most people might think, koozies are a relatively recent invention. They were invented in the same way that most inventions are—someone identifies a problem and comes up with a solution to the problem. In the case of koozies, people were tired of drinking a beverage that constantly formed condensation on the outside of it. 

Australian inventor Alex Lang was the first to come up with a design to keep beverages cold. However, he was not the one that prevailed. Bonnie McGough—an inventor from Idaho—filed a patent for her device back in 1980 for an "insulated beverage cozy for use with cold drinking utensils such as a twelve-ounce beverage can.”

From then, the koozie came to be. It has evolved and taken on many forms throughout the decades and has come to what it is today. It still serves the same purpose that it was originally designed for back in the early 1980s—to keep cool, refreshing beverages from heating up to room temperature. 

We can say with absolute certainty that the koozie has managed to withstand the test of time thus far. 

Koozie is actually a brand name that has become the most popular name which the majority of people call these can and bottle insulators. You can shop the Koozie brand insulator here.

What Are Koozies Made From? 

Koozies are a trusted product throughout the world. Naturally, many people would wonder what materials they are made from. The two most common materials used to make koozies are foam and neoprene

So, you might be wondering, "what's the difference between all these materials?" This is a valid question. After all, not very many people would know what "polyurethane" means off the top of their heads. 

Foam koozies are, as the name suggests, made from foam and a material known as polyurethane. This allows them to be easily folded and stored away when you're not using them. You could even fit them inside the pocket of one of your beach bags if you decide not to use them anymore. 

Neoprene is quite different from foam. It's made from a kind of flexible, synthetic rubber. Perhaps the major difference between neoprene koozies and foam koozies is that those made from neoprene are much more durable than foam. When you think neoprene, think of a wet suit for scuba diving; it’s the same material that acts as a great insulator. 

They are more flexible as well. If that's not enough, koozies made from neoprene can withstand a wider range of temperatures than those made from foam. With all this in mind, it is perfectly reasonable to wonder why anyone would choose to purchase a foam koozie over a neoprene koozie. 

The answer is quite simple. Price. Foam is lower cost than neoprene, so your budget will determine whether you purchase foam or neoprene can insulators. 

Neoprene koozies are a great promotional item. Though it seems better than foam in nearly every area, it is much more expensive than foam. This would naturally lead a great many people to choose foam instead of neoprene.

Besides that, foam is a very convenient material because it's light, durable, and cheap. 

Why Should I Buy Custom Koozies?

You may be asking yourself, "Why on earth should I buy custom koozies in bulk?" Well, let me tell you, there are many reasons why you should. These are discussed in detail below: 

1. A Great Addition To Social Media Posts

Because there are many companies out there that allow you to customize your koozies before ordering them, you can use koozies to promote your brand, especially if photos of your event are shared. Instead of photos promoting the beverage name on the can or bottle, the photos will show your logo! Having your logo printed on koozies will continue to promote your company long after the event. If you have a certain color, pattern, or design that you love and identify with, you can print that on there as well. 

The point is, the ability to customize your own order of hundreds of koozies allows you to have the freedom to send whatever message you choose to send over social media—whether you are an animal rights activist, vegan, religious, or a member of another group. They are sure to get your views up as well. 

2. They Are Very Practical 

Koozies are not only great for promoting a message or your brand, as mentioned before, but they also keep your drink staying colder for longer. and adding a little flair to your cup, but they are also quite useful when going out. When outdoors, your drink is much more susceptible to getting warm quickly during the warmer months.

Koozies can help condensation from your drink destroying expensive furniture if someone sets the drink down on an end table or coffee table. With a koozie on your drink, you can prevent this from happening because the koozie will—to a certain extent—absorb the water and be a protective barrier between your drink and furniture. 

3. They Allow People to Express their Personality

We all have companies and causes that are important to us. Whether we are a fan of a particular company (or their products) or we feel personally connected to a cause, koozies with the company or organization branding is a great way to express our support for these organizations.

Branded merchandise has become a multi-billion dollar industry, so you might as well take advantage of the popularity of merch for your customers/fans.

4. They are Budget-Friendly

We’ve discussed how foam koozies are lower cost than neoprene koozies, however, both options are very low-cost items that are well worth their functionality and popularity. With most of the premium options falling under the $4 mark and the low end being $1 or less, they are a bargain.


Especially considering, that rarely does anyone ever throw away a Koozie. They keep them for many years and use them often, giving you repeated brand exposure long after your initial investment.

If these four reasons do not persuade you to purchase custom koozies in bulk, I don't know what will. 

Why Have Koozies Become More Popular Over Recent Years? 

The popularity of koozies has certainly skyrocketed since their initial release a few decades ago. In fact, a great many people have decided to "board the koozie train" as to not be left behind. These factors are not only related to the ever-increasing popularity of koozies but are directly responsible for driving people to buy koozies. 

The endless number of video commercials and newspaper ads for these little pieces of seemingly-unimportant equipment has not slowed down with the dawn of the New Year. 

The popularity of koozies began—unsurprisingly—in the South. This "beer jacket" idea began to catch on with thousands of different people in the South during the mid-to-late-1980s. Eventually, the koozie crept its way around intangible barriers between different kinds of people, and koozie sales began to explode in the North. Ever since then, the koozie industry has remained a profitable and lucrative one. 

Similar to most businesses, however, koozie companies need to be able to adapt. The fact that many different companies offer the option of virtually creating your own koozies with your own logos printed on them has given rise to a question that all koozie companies need to answer: "Do we conform to the desires of the consumer or be left behind?" 

Most companies will eventually need to have an option to customize their own koozies if they wish to stay in the game for a longer period than five years. 

How is "Koozie" Even Pronounced? 

We have just finished examining how different parts of the United States reacted to the introduction of the koozie into the world, now we must examine something else that also relates to this topic—how do you even say, "koozie"? It looks like such an easy and simple word. However, as it turns out, there is a lot more to this term that must be analyzed. 

Depending on where you live in the United States, you may pronounce the name of these "drink insulators" very differently from us, or you may just call them by a different name entirely. Whichever the case, compare this to how people across the United States pronounce "New Orleans." Some people groups around the U.S. use the long vowel sound to produce words that sound like "New Orleens." 

The same holds true when it comes to koozies. For example, in Texas, people call them by their original name: koozie. However, in the north, many people opt to say "cozy" instead—don't ask me why, because I don't know. We still love our friends from the North though, despite them pronouncing them as cozies. 

Interestingly enough, in Australia, people refer to koozies as "stubby holders." This is by far the most unique name that this product has received thus far. 

According to an article by Canterra Seeds, "...Cozy is the one term that makes sense from a linguistic standpoint, such as a tea cozy or a snug little insulator for whatever else you want to keep cold." The article is implying that it would not be in your best interest to correct someone who refers to their "koozie" as a "cozy" (this is for all of you incessant grammar-correctors out there). 

How Do I Choose the Right Design for My Koozies? 

Putting in your first bulk order for custom koozies can very well seem like a daunting endeavor. After all, you probably have never designed your own koozies and ordered several hundred of them before. However, don't worry, we've got you covered with what you need to know. 

1. Decide your occasion

Is a relative of yours getting married? This is a big event that will indeed call for a large order of koozies for the drinks once the reception begins. Making bride, groom, and all the guests drink warm beverages in the summer heat would not be ideal. 

Instead, you would want to have several hundred koozies by your side to make sure that everyone gets to drink the chilled beverage that they crave. Once you have your koozies, you can give them to different members of the crowd for their drinks—this generosity will not go unnoticed!

2. Choose a saying (or two)

There are so many sayings that you can choose from that have to do with weddings. In fact, if you need inspiration, look no further than the Perfect Imprints website. Some of their suggestions for wedding koozie sayings are listed below: 


  • "Drunk on love and beer"

  • "The vows are done, it's time for fun"
  • "We came for the 'I do's and stayed for the free booze"
  • "I've got my dear, now where's my beer?"


There are so many more to choose from! This is one way to make your wedding unique, and the guests will remember it forever as they drink from the custom koozies you ordered for that very special day. 

3. Choose the colors

Color scheming is very important when it comes to customizing your very own koozies. If the colors of the saying do not coordinate well with the koozie color—but instead they clashed—people won’t be as likely to keep the koozie as much as they would if the color scheme had worked. 

If the saying you choose is bright yellow, consider adding a red background. In the same way, if the saying you choose is printed in white, then consider adding a blue background. Knowing how to properly coordinate colors is crucial in ensuring that you have the most successful time ordering your custom koozies. 

That's pretty much it when it comes to choosing a certain design you want to use. The Perfect Imprints team can help with suggestions for your design and color combination.

How Many Koozies Should I Buy?

This depends on the size of the party you are throwing. There are many people out there who would not want to spend a significant amount of money purchasing koozies for all of their friends and family members at a get-together. However, when putting on a company event, branded koozies will be much more important for a great experience. Branded items such as koozies help elevate your company in the eyes of the guests. 

How Much Do Standard Koozies Cost?

Most people purchase custom koozies based on their budget and the type of event they are hosting. All of the information provided in this article up to this point has been about general information about koozies and not focused on purchasing custom koozies. However, that is the entire point of this article. 

Before discussing the different options for purchasing custom koozies, it was necessary to first analyze how koozies are constructed and what they are made from. 

Minimum order quantities must be met to have custom printed Koozies with the average minimum order being between 100-250 quantities. Ordering 100 custom koozies with each costing three dollars would only amount to $300 in total plus the cost of a setup charge and shipping. Setup charges are typically around $40-$50 and shipping is minimal considering Koozies are very lightweight.

This means that for just about $370, you can order a bulk order of high-quality koozies for your event. If you choose to go with lower price foam Koozies, your total will be even lower! The option is buy a lower quantity of higher quality Koozies or buy a higher quantity of foam Koozies for the same amount. It depends on your goal. If you need a high quantity of Koozies, the foam Koozies do the trick and save you money. If your end goal is for people to take the Koozies home and keep them for a long time, opt for the neoprene.

The design you choose to have printed on your custom koozies also plays a role in determining the overall cost. Full-color printed designs on your Koozies will be more expensive as opposed to a one-color print. There's not necessarily a single set price for a bulk order of custom koozies. 

How Do I Customize My Own Koozies? 

Yes, you can DIY your Koozies if you have mad art skills and many hours to spend. If you want them to be professional, have them printed by a professional. 

That being said, we would not recommend DIY koozies unless you plan to only make a few for friends that are individually personalized. If you need enough koozies for a large event, let Perfect Imprints help you. You can shop our large variety of Koozies here. Our design team will work with you to design the perfect layout for your event.

When Should I Buy Custom Koozies? 

You may be wondering when is the perfect time to purchase a bulk order of custom koozies. After all, nobody drinks cold beverages in the winter and fall, so it must make sense to buy them in summer, right? 

However, this is not true. In the wintertime, people still drink canned and bottled beverages. They just remain indoors where the ambient temperature is warm, which still leads to a warming beverage if not in an insulator. Koozies are great giveaways and useful all year round.

Plan on ordering ahead at least 3-4 weeks before your event to make sure you are not sweating it waiting on UPS to deliver them. You’ll have enough stress planning your event, and ordering your Koozies early will prevent this task from being a stressful one!

What is the Best Company to Buy Custom Koozies From? 

We get it—deciding which company you will use to purchase hundreds of custom koozies from is not an easy choice. Ordering from online companies is always a huge gamble with their customer service. Will they process my order quickly? Will the final product be of great quality? Can I get customer service on the phone? We are fanatical about delivering a great customer service experience. In fact, our Company Core Values and our Mission/Vision Statement center around delivering an effortless experience for our customers. 

We are a creative marketing company that allows you to customize both the number of koozies you want to order as well as what kinds of koozies you want them to be. Among the choices provided are foam koozies, neoprene koozies, stainless steel can insulators, bottle koozies, and many more. 

Perfect Imprints also has a wide variety of other products like beach items, sports items, and office supplies. Even if you don't need koozies at the moment, you can always check out all of the other great items we have

As for the koozies, the selection is broader than almost any other company on the market. Before we move on, we should focus on three of the most unique types of koozies they offer. 

Shaped Koozies

This idea is something unique. Perfect Imprints offers the option to have your koozies shaped like sports equipment

Can you imagine that? We even have such options as koozies shaped like footballs. We are not just saying that the koozies look like footballs; but rather, they are shaped like footballs—complete with laces and all. While you're not outside playing football or inside watching football, you can still drink a refreshing beverage while holding a football.  

If you are looking for a way to spice up the appearance of an average beer bottle, shaped koozies are a great choice. 

Football-shaped koozies are not the only shaped koozie offered by Perfect Imprints. We also have koozies shaped like baseballs, golf balls, and more. If you are looking for the perfect way to level up your cold beverage by giving it a unique appearance, then Perfect Imprint's shaped koozies are the thing for you. Don't wait, you should get them as soon as you can. 

Jersey Bottle Koozies

If you are bold, love sports, and want something to stand out from the crowd, one of the Perfect Imprints' custom Jersey Bottle Koozies is definitely the thing for you. This takes the uniqueness of the shaped koozies to a whole new level. 

Imagine if you could have the jersey of your local high school team on a koozie. With one of the Jersey Bottle Koozie from Perfect Imprints, you can have it. The Perfect Imprints website allows you to customize your koozie jersey. 

For step one, you would choose the color that you want your jersey koozie to be. Next, select your decoration method, quantity, and other decorative details that you want the koozie to display. Finally, you would proceed to the checkout and complete the order—it's that simple!

The koozies not only display whatever design you choose to upload, but they also come complete with sleeves. It looks as if your beverage is wearing the jersey of your favorite sports team—whether it be basketball, football, soccer, or other sport. 

Business Card Can Kooler Koozies

Let's suppose you want Koozies to giveaway for your salespeople.. You are in a professional environment and want others to know of your business. What better way to advertise your business than to have it on your Koozie?

Well, if you are in this position, Perfect Imprints has you covered. As the name suggests, the Business Card Can Kooler koozies are great giveaways for salespeople" The company logo can be printed on the bulk order, but each salesperson can personalize it with their own business card inserted in the business card holder.

Some businesses opt only for loud commercials to get their services noticed. But once you pay for the commercial and it airs, it’s gone. The only way to air it again is to pay for it again. Koozies, on the other hand, continue advertising for you. Instead of a commercial, you can be subtle in your day-to-day advertising by simply adding a koozie to your cold drink and much more effective. 

The Future Of Koozies 

The koozie has gone through many different forms throughout the years. It has been constructed out of foam, synthetic rubber, even stainless steel as we have discussed. It is no doubt that the koozie will continue to develop as time moves on. The invention of more effective material to use as insulation is inevitable. 

Check Out Perfect Imprints Today

Well, there you have it. This complete guide has given you everything you need to know about buying custom koozies in bulk. We have examined the pros and cons of different companies, why you should buy custom koozies, what they are made from, and the different designs and types of koozies offered by Perfect Imprints. 

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Perfect Imprints' website today and get your order of custom koozies today. You won't be disappointed in their services! 

If you still have questions, feel free to Contact Us. We LOVE Koozies and would love to answer questions about them so you can make an informed decision.


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