When it comes to marketing, even the government needs help sometimes! We have chosen these promotional items for the many different types of government agencies including public offices, city and county agencies, federal programs and political candidates. These items are used at events such as awareness campaigns and political rallies. Perfect Imprints has all the promotional items you need to help market, promote and bring awareness to your government agency.

Minimum Order: 90
As low as: $5.26
Minimum Order: 250
As low as: $1.28
Minimum Order: 150
As low as: $3.78
Minimum Order: 100
As low as: $5.51
Minimum Order: 120
As low as: $5.99
Minimum Order: 200
As low as: $1.27
Running for office? Work for the state department? Holding a political rally? Perfect Imprints knows that a great marketing strategy will always include great promotional items and we have all the perfect promotional items for any government agency or affiliate. Government agencies include city, county and state departments, federal agencies, federal programs, political candidates and more! Many government programs and agencies run awareness campaigns each year such as health rallies, voting importance campaigns and many types of fundraising initiatives. We have selected products such as customized insect wipes, hand fans for outdoor events, t-shirt and hats, lapel pins, and many more! Browse our vast selection or call us if you already have a product in mind. Remember, Perfect Imprints has access to hundreds of thousands of promotional items, so even if you don�t see it�.we have it.
Special Notice for shipments to the state of California