10 Ideas for Custom Beach Balls

Custom Beach BallsFor the Southern United States, the warm weather is upon us and it is time to enjoy the beach. Custom beach balls are among the most popular beach promotional products. They come in many sizes, colors, styles, and patterns. Both kids and adults have fun with these simplistic beach toys.

You can rarely go to a public pool or beach and not see beach balls. They represent the epitome of fun and sun. Below are a few ideas how you can use these fun promos to promote your next party, event, or your brand.

10 Ideas How to Use Custom Beach Balls to Promote Your Event or Company

  • Invitations – Print your event info such as date, time, location, etc. and use them to invite guests to your party.
  • Save the Date – Want people to reserve a date for a future event? Use the beach balls as a Save the Date reminder for your beach or beach-themed event.
  • Concerts – While waiting for a concert to start, what’s more fun than bouncing large beach balls throughout the crowd?
  • Mailings – If you want recipients to get excited about visiting the beach, send them a beach ball. Just the sight of the beach ball will rev up their imagination about relaxing on the beach!
  • Gift Shop – Beach balls with the logo of your resort are great ways to promote your resort and sell more items to your guests with children.
  • Decorate – Use beach balls to decorate your event. Hang them from the ceiling or on the walls to create an unmistakable beach themed event.
  • Centerpieces – Just place a bowl in the center of the table with a beach ball on top for a simple, yet fun centerpiece.
  • Upcoming Sales – Give out beach balls after purchases are made in your store that are printed with info about a big upcoming sale.
  • Beach Safety – Tourists rarely understand the dangers of rip currents or the various beach safety flag colors. Print safety tips on the beach balls and give them out during crowded beach times such as holidays and Spring Break.
  • Just Because – Beach balls are fun and make great beach giveaways.

The above ideas are just a few. Be creative. Be bold. Be ballsy with your own ideas. If you have other questions about beach balls, be sure to check out our Beach Ball Buying Guide to learn more about the many options such as size, style, and colors.

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