Buying Guide for Custom Beach Balls

Beach balls are traditional beach toys that have been around for many years. Some records, although sketchy, show that the beach ball was invented in 1938 and was initially about the size of your hand. Today’s beach balls are offered in mini sizes as well as extra-large sizes.

When shopping for custom beach balls, there is no shortage of choices. You have to decide on the size, color, pattern, and even the styles of beach ball you want to use. In many cases, the color choice or combination is an easy choice because you will use one that compliments your company logo colors. Additionally, if you don’t understand beach ball sizing, you might get beach balls that are much smaller than you expected.

Below you will find an easy guide for learning everything you need to know about promotional beach balls.

Beach Ball Size

How to Measure Beach Balls
How to Measure Beach Balls – Click to Enlarge.

Beach balls come in many different sizes, starting with a mini beach ball size of just 6″ all the way up to 48″ in size. It is important to understand how beach balls are measured. The measurement size represents the distance around the beach ball from one pole to the opposite pole or half the circumference. It does NOT mean diameter or measurement straight across the beach ball.

Because they are spherical, beach ball sizes are smaller than you might expect from the measurement, so if you want big, go BIG! Below are some of the common beach ball sizes:

6″ – These mini-sized beach balls are about the size of a grapefruit.
12″ – This is a common size beach ball size for indoor events and is about the size of a large cantaloupe.
16″ – These are by far the most common beach ball size. They are about the size of a standard basketball. Because this is the most popular size, you will find the most color choices and styles in this size.
24″ – If you need a beach ball a bit larger than a basketball, this is a great choice. It is the most popular of the “larger” sized beach balls and a great variety of styles and colors are available.
36″ – If you still need bigger than a 24″ size, but don’t want to bust your budget with a 48″ size, these 36″ beach balls come in several different color options.
48″ – When size matters, these over-sized beach balls are what you need. These sizes are much more limited to just include solid white and multi-color. However, with overseas production, any color combination can be produced.

Beach Ball Colors

There are too many color combinations to list; however, we have classified our beach ball into 6 different color categories to easier narrow your decision.

Multi-Color – Alternating colors on each panel is always a popular choice. The more color, the more attention your beach balls will attract. Within the multi-color category, you will find the traditional primary colors of white, blue, orange, yellow, red, and green. However, there are many other funky and wild beach balls to choose from with many multi-color combinations.

Solid Color – Often times, a simple approach is the most elegant one. With solid colors, the entire beach balls are just one color. There are many solid colors from which to choose. Because the beach balls are just 1 color, your logo will stand out much more than on multi-color beach balls. Whether you are looking for a primary color, a bright color, or an off-the-wall color, chances are you can find it.

Two-Tone Color – These are just what you would expect – 2 different colored panels that alternate. Virtually any common colors you would ever desire are available in this color combination. Many of the colors alternate with white or translucent panels, while other combinations are made with other colors. Chances are, we have your company colors.

Translucent Color – These beach balls are see-through and come in many different colors. While some of them are actually clear, others are just translucent, which means you can see through them but they are not completely clear. With translucent colors, you can get multi-color, solid color, or two-tone options that also translucent. These are very popular and still a large number of beach balls from which to choose.

Patterns Whether you are looking for patriotic, sports, breast cancer awareness, or some other kind of unique beach ball, you will find some interesting options within this category. These beach balls are great for getting attention at the beach or at your outdoor event. The patriotic patterns are great for Veterans Day parades or Independence Day events. The pink awareness ribbon patterns are great for breast cancer awareness fundraisers.

Glow and Light-Up – These beach balls are fun promos to give out at night events, such as parades that are held after dark, Halloween events, parties, or other night-time activities. The light-up options are great for concerts or other venues that are dark. Some of these beach balls glow with the help of an inserted glow stick, while others glow after being exposed to bright light. These glowing and flashing beach balls will certainly attract plenty of attention to your printed logo.

Beach Ball Styles

Other choices when buying beach balls include the style, which we have broken down into 5 different categories.

Awareness Ribbon

This style has become extremely popular over the past few years with all of the breast cancer awareness campaigns. These are very popular for Relay For Life Walks, early detection campaigns, breast health education foundations, National Mammography Day, and for promoting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These beach balls with your company logo are a great way to show that your company cares about fighting the war against breast cancer and finding a cure.

Globe Beach Balls

These beach balls are great for those in the education fields such as schools as well as those companies who sell educational supplies. Another great use of globe beach balls is for companies who want to highlight their availability and involvement on an international level. While these are not meant to be exact replicas of the world map, they are very close and can still be very educational. Choose from either blue or translucent globes with a printed world map and your logo.


If you are looking for extremely unique beach balls, look within this category. These novelty beach balls have shapes and other attention-getting items (such as glitter) inside of translucent beach balls. Choose from shapes inside the beach balls such as footballs, basketballs, and other sports balls, or even an American flag, light bulb, a star, and more. Check out all of them for a truly unique marketing piece. We can even produce a custom shape in the middle of the beach balls to better fit your company’s mission.

Patriotic Beach Balls

The citizens of the United States are very patriotic and we celebrate many events with a patriotic theme. Holidays and observances such as Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day are just a few big ones. These beach balls with patriotic prints are excellent giveaways for these patriotic parades, festivals, and events. Choose from many different red, white, and blue color combinations as well as quite a few designs with a stars and stripes pattern.

Sports Beach Balls

Whether you are selling these for fundraising at sports games or giving them away to increase team spirit, these are fun giveaways for sports teams. Choose from footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, or volleyballs. Check out all of the sports styles. These are also great marketing pieces for sporting goods stores to promote sales, events, and professional athlete signings.

Now that you know everything you need to know about promotional beach balls, your shopping experience will be easy. Just decide a size, color, and style that best fits your event or promotion. If you find that time is not your friend, we offer rush production on most of our beach balls.

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