The Best Free Promotional Giveaways for Your Vacation Destination

Free promotional giveaways for your vacation destination

Whether you’re hosting guests in a snowy climate or looking to be their next warm adventure, guests are looking to be pampered wherever they go. These free promotional giveaways are the perfect in-room surprise for your clients. Check out the best promos for hosting in a:

A Mountain Retreat

While the snow may be appealing during hours of sunshine, the chill will surely set in at night for guests who are not used to the climate. Keep your guests cozy and let them know you care with these perfect free promotional giveaways: 

A Tropical Oasis

The salt air may be a beach town’s greatest enemy (trust us, we know), but to a tourist, there’s no greater sign that a beach vacation is about to begin. Make sure to continue the inviting, warm welcome with these great beach promotional items: 

An Adventurer’s Paradise

Who doesn’t love the adventure of traveling! But sometimes after a long, fun-filled day, relaxation is key to getting the most out of the rest of the trip. Help your guests reboot and refresh with spa gifts: 

The Family Getaway 

There’s no better memory than the trips you take as a family every year. So much so that most of us will repeat those childhood trips with our own children, showing them the sites we saw when we were their age. But assuring that a family of 4+ people comes prepared can be a challenge (to say the least). Making sure they have these essential promotional items could save the whole trip:

Big City Lights 

A hotel in a new city is the first thing visitors interact with. It’s the beginning of their impression & you only get one first impression. Create an environment that welcomes them and gives them ample opportunity to explore their new surroundings. Beyond the usual visitor’s guides and brochures, some free promotional giveaways can make it easier for your clients to navigate their new town & remember it when they get home. 

An Event Destination 

Are you preparing to host the next event in your city? Perhaps it’s a conference booking out the hotel or a golf tournament you’re hosting. No matter the event, a few promotional items are sure to be a hit for guests. Make sure they are prepared to get moving for the day with these gift items: 

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